Sage ERP for Mining, the answer to all your mining company’s challenges

Sage ERP for Mining


Sage ERP for Mining, the answer to all your mining company’s challenges

Production and exploration data

The production data capture functionality allows users to set up an area or operation against which costs can be tracked, such as shafts, open pits, or tailings. Beneath this layer of costs lies a lower level of processing such as shaft sinking, development waste or stoping (depending on the environment), which is linked back to the top level. Typically, the plant area will track the processing of material from all areas and link it to a sub component of the general ledger account for reporting purposes only.

The functionality allows users to specify units of measure for the production data captures, such as meters advanced, tons surveyed, tons hoisted and treated and carats recovered. This is captured as needed daily, weekly, or monthly, and is linked to the business intelligence suite. AccTech Mining ERP solutions have been designed to manage surveying and monitoring activities and to compare geological site survey information. Information from the mobile devices is integrated throughout the mining suite to give management increased visibility and operational control.

Production and exploration data

“Purchase or rent, on premise or hosted deployments, there is a Sage ERP for mining solution to fit your unique requirements.”

Optimized logistical processes

 Sage ERP for Mining offers stock, purchasing, logistics and customer relations functionalities to help you manage your operations efficiently.

  • Track outbound commodities on different incoterms
  • Adjust your supply according to demand
  • Have complete visibility across all your locations and
  • optimize logistical flows

A complete set of solutions for production and logistics

For industrial companies, Sage ERP for Mining offers advanced production management, stock , logistics, purchasing and supply functionalities.

  • Adjust production plans according to demand
  • Take advantage of various production strategies and optimise logistical flows
  • Have complete visibility across all you activities
  • Highlight areas for improvement through quality assurance management
  • Analyse and act on your operational margins

Financial analysis of company performance

Sage ERP for Mining covers all areas of financial management, from general and budgetary accounting right through to managing commitments and fixed assets.

  • Reduce administrative lead times so you can concentrate on analysis
  • Manage and reduce business-related risks
  • Apply laws and regulations for both national and international activity
  • Quickly produce reliable results
  • Ensure full traceability for your data and transactions


Sage ERP for Mining incorporate a complete workflow suite to assist with simple, fast data entry requests from the mine with comprehensive authorisation rules built in, linked to costs centres or budgets. The workflow solution manages procurement and internal stock issues by allowing the creation of an unlimited number of workflows and associated rules and alerts.

These simple to use screens provide managers with the correct information analysed appropriately at data entry. As requisitions and issues are raised, they are automatically allocated to cost centres, shafts, processes and equipment based on user profiles, stock structures and expense codes, removing the need for any reallocations at month end. Workflow is the key component that drives accurate data capture, improved decision making and an authorisation trail.