Process Manufacturing – Technology

ManufacturingSage ERP X3 Process is one of the newest, most technically advanced enterprise business systems on the market today. Designed from the ground up using the most current open technologies, Sage ERP X3 is ideal for companies seeking to utilize a modern enterprise system as a competitive weapon for their businesses.


A fully integrated ERP suite

Sage ERP X3 Process provides a fully integrated system covering manufacturing, distribution, warehouse management, customer relationship management and accounting functions through one common database, ensuring data integrity and accuracy while enabling all departments to share information efficiently. Since the database is updated on a real-time basis, users can access mission-critical information as business transactions occur, leading to a more timely and effective decision-making process.

Customizable by design

Sage ERP X3 Process is ideally packaged for mid-sized companies seeking a competitive advantage in their markets by utilizing the parameterization features of the system to build in their differentiators. In addition, companies can enter their own formulas, rules and conditions without making programming changes, and the system preserves these changes when upgrading to new software versions.

An evolutionary architecture

Businesses can implement Sage ERP X3 Process either as a company-wide integrated solution or incrementally to support specific business processes or time-phased implementations. This flexibility enables companies with varying information processing needs to adapt the implementation to their specific situations.

Fast to implement and easy to use

Sage ERP X3 provides pre-defined system templates – based on best business practice know-how – as well as proven implementation methodologies that promote fast implementations and a quick return on investment. Data conversion templates can also be used to speed the transition from the previous system.

Sage ERP X3 Process can be installed using a standard browser interface or in client/server mode with a Windows interface. Either approach promotes rapid learning and ensures intuitive navigation for both new and experienced users. All functions have a similar look-and-feel to ensure continuity of use across various modules. An Explorer-style window is displayed on the left side of the screen, so users can easily access items such as sales orders, products and business partners. At most prompts, the system provides tunneling ability so users can zoom in on more detailed information or access related data entry functions. Additionally, users have direct access to function and field level help in HTML format, as well as the ability to generate their own screen presentations.

Sound technical choices

Dedicated to an open systems development orientation, we designed Sage ERP X3 to support the leading technology choices on the market. Mid-market companies can leverage existing platforms for easy migration, without the need for significant IT resources. While other software packages initially were developed to operate on proprietary operating systems and databases, Sage ERP X3 has accumulated years of experience with popular technologies such as Unix, Linux and Windows operating systems and Oracle and SQL Server databases.