Process Manufacturing – Functional Areas

Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management  Process software supports the specific needs of most process manufacturers including industries as diverse as dairies, bakeries, paints, lubricants or cosmetics. The system effectively meets the challenges faced by formula-based manufacturers by providing them with an industry-compatible set of integrated functions and features.

Functional Areas


The Manufacturing software module permits full control over all planning and production control activities including formula management, routings, MRP, MPS, WIP accounting and shop floor control. Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management supports both work order-based manufacturing and continuous batch environments.


The Distribution software modules support all sales, CRM, purchasing and inventory control functions including features to support quality control, lot control and tracking, expiration date management and variable packaging units.


The Accounting software modules are fully integrated with manufacturing and distribution, providing process manufacturers with complete Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger and Financial Reporting capabilities. Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management Process also provides complete quality assurance functionality, integration with MSDS, and helps FDA-registered manufacturers comply with regulatory requirements imposed by legislation such as the Bioterrorism Act and 21 CFR Part 11.


The Inventory software module provides core location and stock management functionality as an integrated component within Sage ERP X3. It can work either as a paper-based solution or with automated data collection support for most inventory transactions.

Sage also provides two complementary offerings for companies to select from for automating their warehouse activities, based on factors such as transaction volumes and complexity of processing requirements:

  • Sage Geode software is a full-function Warehouse Management System (WMS) designed within the Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management development framework to meet the needs of mid-sized companies with large transaction volumes and sophisticated warehouse practices.
  • Sage Advanced Warehousing and Data Collection provides radio-frequency (RF) directed support for primary warehouse activities including putaway, palletized picking, pick planning and consolidated shipments.