Enterprise Asset Management – Expenditure Control

Hospitality and leisureClients in the Hospitality and Leisure have been using Sage 300cloud ERP(previously referred to as Accpac) as their back office system for many years. The hospitality industry is very diverse and fragmented, consisting of hotels, casinos and game parks to name but a few.

Enterprise Asset Management is the key to expenditure control

Meet statutory requirements

The law requires you to keep accurate accounts and to produce a Balance Sheet and P&L at least annually. This means you must have some way of working out the value of your fixed assets – their cost and their depreciation. Straightforward and accurate statutory reporting is a major benefit of asset management.

Control valuable IT assets

Most organisations are dependent for their day to day running on their IT assets – the hardware, software and systems which make up their IT infrastructure. But IT equipment can easily get out of control.

Make informed decisions

Lack of accurate information means lack of transparency and inability to manage risks. If you know what you’ve got, what it is being used for, how much its worth and what it’s costing you, then you are in a position to anticipate, weigh up options, and proactively make informed business decisions based on real information.

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