Finance & Insurance: Customer Relationship Management

Finance and Insurance
Whether your business is in the financial or insurance industry, you’ll find the right solution matched with unparallel industry experience from AccTech Systems. AccTech has a full suite of solutions tailored for the financial and insurance industries. Core to this industry’s solution suite is:

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions from AccTech Systems, provides a complete solution for sales, marketing, and customer service for banking, institutional finance, wealth management, capital, and brokerage firms. In a world of decreasing commission revenues and no-fee self-serve transactions, financial institutions must understand and manage their customers’ portfolios better in order to deliver a service that warrants solid return.

AccTech’s CRM solutions provide financial & insurance institutions the ability to:

  • Deliver proactive targeted marketing
  • Focus on improving customer care through workflow and tasks managed by Service Level Agreement
  • Get a holistic view of the company

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