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Finance and Insurance


Industry: Financial Industry
Benefits: Processing and Reporting time has decreased considerably and the Export facility has replaced hard copies with soft reports that can be distributed via e-mail. The Middleware product scrutinises the information based on various business rules, then imports and posts the transactions immediately. This process eradicates unnecessary human intervention and ensures real-time reporting of the accounting system. Productivity is increased and expenditure is minimised.

Credit Guarantee Insurance Corporation has seen guaranteed results with the Implementation of Sage 300cloud ERP(previously referred to as Accpac) General Ledger. Not only is this solution flexible to meet their current requirements, but will grow as the company grows. AccTech Systems developed a Seamless Integration module that imports general ledger transactions from various in-house developed systems with the help of AccTech Middleware. The solution is also fully integrated with all other modules.

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Industry: Financial institution

Since its creation in 1999, College Loan Corporation (CLC®) has become the nation’s 7th largest student loan provider, helping make higher education possible for more than half a million students. More than 800 colleges and universities designate the company as a preferred lender. Headquartered in San Diego, California with regional offices throughout the United States, CLC has funded more than $13 billion in student loans, and manages an $8 billion student loan portfolio that includes Federal Stafford, PLUS and Consolidation Loan offerings, as well as a range of Alternative Loan products.

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Industry: Broad-based Financial Accounting and Consulting Services

Technological advancements in business software programs are enabling CPA firms to complete compliance work faster than ever before. However, while automated and accelerated work processes may be beneficial for their clients, firms that charge hourly have seen billings decline. When Dave Pontrello, director of Dopkins & Company, LLP’s Business Development Group faced this scenario, he looked for new ways to both enhance the company’s existing revenue streams and create new sources. He found his answer in the Sage 300cloud ERP(previously referred to as Accpac) Business Analysis Suite (BAS).

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Industry: Mortage

As with many financial institutions, First Active was determined to offer its customers new and innovative ways of doing business. It was driven by an urgent business concern as new competitors were entering the market offering phone-only banking. The incumbent market leaders, such as First Active, knew they had to respond by offering their current and potential customers a wider variety of contact than through traditional branch services.

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