Distribution: Functional Areas

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DistributionThe Sage ERP X3 Distribution software suite provides a fully integrated set of application modules that help streamline business operations so wholesalers and distributors can increase profits, optimize productivity and improve customer service levels.

Functional Areas

Sage ERP X3 Distribution is a complete enterprise solution designed to meet the needs of wholesale distributors and the distribution arms of manufacturers.

Sage ERP X3 Distribution software consists in a suite of integrated application modules, sharing a common database to support seamlessly all of your administrative and operational processes:

  • Customer Relationship Management,
  • Sales, Demand Forecasting,
  • Inventory Management,
  • Purchasing,
  • Financial Management (Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Financial Report Writing).

The Inventory Management module can be completed by two complementary offerings for companies to select from for automating their warehouse activities, based on factors such as transaction volumes and complexity of processing requirements:

  • Sage Advanced Warehousing and Data Collection provides radio-frequency (RF) directed support for primary warehouse activities including put away, palletized picking, pick planning and consolidated shipments,
  • Sage Geode is a full-function Warehouse Management System (WMS) designed within the Sage ERP X3 development framework to meet the needs of mid-sized companies with large transaction volumes and sophisticated warehouse practices.

In addition, Sage provides e-merchants with a powerful tool to seamlessly integrate their web storefront to their ERP back-office: Sage Xtend.

With Sage ERP X3 Distribution software, distributors can add significant value to their customers by taking advantage of features such as:

  • Advanced order fulfillment for meeting critical customer delivery dates,
  • Comprehensive pricing and promotion capabilities,
  • Product configuration for locating and defining products according to customer definition,
  • After-sales service with warranty tracking, service scheduling and a knowledge base of product problems and resolutions,
  • Real-time business intelligence for critical management reporting, including exception handling and performance measurements,
  • Workflow management for ease in communicating exceptional events and transactions both inside and outside the enterprise,
  • Integrated e-commerce.

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