Distribution: Business Enablers

DistributionThe Sage ERP X3 Distribution software suite provides a fully integrated set of application modules that help streamline business operations so wholesalers and distributors can increase profits, optimize productivity and improve customer service levels.

Business Enablers

In addition to distribution, warehousing and accounting functions, Sage ERP X3 Distribution provides mid sized companies with embedded enterprise-wide features that help them transform their business into a real-time, on demand organization, responsive to the needs of your customers.

Streamline your business operations with Sage ERP X3 Workflow

Sage ERP X3 Workflow facilitates the streamlining of business operations and the flow of information both within an organization and to its business partners. This advanced technology permits companies to automate the flow of information within and outside a business based on company-specific work practices and procedures for handling important and exceptional events.

Promote effective decision-making with Sage ERP X3 Business Intelligence

Sage ERP X3 Business Intelligence is the ideal solution for promoting effective management reporting and decision-making. Built on the leading Business Objects technology, it allows users to analyze their performance and create compelling reports on the fly, by simple drag & drop. Business intelligence is fully integrated within the Sage ERP X3 system and does not require maintenance of a dedicated datawarehouse.

Track your key business indicators, instantaneously

Sage ERP X3 Dashboards build on the system’s intrinsic Business Intelligence capabilities by providing user-defined, actionable, up-to-the-minute graphical representations of key statistical information such as revenues and equipment usage. Dashboards can help boost profits by providing instantaneous access to key company data, allowing management to quickly react to changing business conditions.

Collect and exploit data end-to-end across your business with Sage Automated RF Data Collection

Sage ERP X3’s integrated approach allows businesses to automatically collect and utilize data end-to-end across their operational areas. Sage Automated RF Data Collection takes data entered on the shop floor and warehouse from automated input devices, verifies its accuracy, and passes the data to Sage ERP X3 for immediate update.

Extend your business operations with Sage ERP X3 Integrated E-business capabilities

Sage ERP X3 provides businesses with a unique dual approach to moving companies into the world of e-business, one that gives them a choice of technologies with which to extend their business operations externally and dramatically reduce the cost of doing business.

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