Agriculture: Machine Maintenance – Service Manager

If you’re not already using a service and maintenance application, you may be at a critical juncture in your business when your manual system will no longer support the pace of business. Or you may already have some software support, but you’re finding that it no longer fits the size, quantity, or complexity of your current activities. In either case, it’s time to find a new service and maintenance application, one that suits your needs for today and will continue to support you through significant future growth.

Consider these benefits

  • The ability to control your entire business from a single point within an integrated accounting solution
  • Save time and money by effectively managing you labour scheduling, stock availability, bob profitability, RMA’s site equipment records, and most importantly, manage your relationship with your customers
  • Critical analytical business information is readily available to you at all times
  • You can create Service Level Agreements, Warranty and Meter Agreements to monitor and support your customers
  • You can use the fault analysis tools to provide a quick and easy method to diagnose faults from symptoms and determine appropriate solutions each time a fault is reported or a question is asked
  • Better management, better control, better information…Better profitability and service


  • Tracking of serialized inventory and equipment (includes equipment transfers, warranty, rentals and returns)
  • Preventative maintenance functions allow you to create task and activity service procedures based on set conditions and schedules. Assign resources, take measurements / meter readings, and predict maintenance loading and material requirements…
  • View model and equipment history, and ascertain life-cycle financial profitability of equipment


  • A fault analysis program contains a knowledge-base of symptoms, faults and solutions. This assists in the diagnosis and resolution of problems and records information in a knowledge base for future reference.