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AccTech Limpopo has a division specializing in fixed assets across various financial packages and asset solutions.


Fixed assets can potentially be one of the biggest items on a companies’ balance sheet but some companies ignore this and do not leverage enough out of their assets. Fixed assets also become a contentious issue during financial audits and sometimes cause a problem around year end. In a modern business environment, it is crucial to know which assets the company owns, where they are, what condition they are in and how they are being used. So many companies are under insured, causing losses once insurance claims are lodged, or are over-insured, causing monthly losses on premiums paid to insurance companies. For this reason asset verification is an important activity that should be… simple and painless, but many companies don’t experience it in this manner.

Most companies have a fixed asset management application, but many do not get the most out of their solution. One of the reasons for this is that they are not advised correctly and they do not have a business partner that specializes in fixed asset management. Not using the right fixed asset solution will also lead to transactions such as change of remaining life, revaluations and impairments not being done correctly. This causes a company to have many versions of a single asset register and no one knows which is the true reflection of what has happened.


So how can AccTech assets division solve these issues?

  •  Get specialized advice or use a specialized fixed asset solution
  •  The specialists can either be used in an advisory capacity or can be used to take over full management of the fixed assets function
  •  Our conultants can offer advisory services or assist with the actual asset verification.
  • We also provide software solutions that integrate seamlessly into various financial systems
  •  Companies can use solutions that leverage their existing asset register but still allow them to perform the specialized asset function without any complications

By contacting AccTech Limpopo fixed assets division you get a specialized view on a field that is really looked at in detail.  You will be able to get advice on best practice, industry standards and best fit solutions. Whether it is managing the fixed assets or doing a physical verification, AccTech Limpopo believes in partnering with their customers to help them run their enterprises efficiently and effectively. This includes providing them with the best advice, services and the best business solutions.

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