Budget Review Breakfast and Technology update


AccTech Consulting recently hosted a budget review breakfast to provide an overview of the budget tabled by Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan. It covered the major aspects of the new budget and the effect these budget changes have on business.

 AccTech Consulting CEO Willem Oberholzer says it is clear that the money is going to come from the private sector and there are substantial incentives. “However, there were very implicit warnings to get your house in order. Government is investing heavily in the development of skills and there is a very clear message that they will work on efficiency within Government.”

“More importantly, there was a very strong message against corruption. For the first time, there was a clear message from Finance that they will be held accountable for State expenditure. There was also a strong emphasis on empowerment and economic growth,” he says.

Over 20 years, South Africa has built a progressive tax system founded on the principles of equity, efficiency, simplicity, transparency, certainty and tax buoyancy. Taxation is a contract between Government and its citizens.

The fairness of the tax system and efficient use of tax revenues are the cornerstones of sound public finance and tax morale. The 2014 tax proposals and the tax reform agenda for the next few years aim to support a sustainable fiscal framework.

AccTech Systems CEO Tertius Zitzke discussed trends that would impact business in 2014. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are becoming the platform for people to transact on, not only with customer sales and sales leads and marketing events, but for the entire enterprise.”

“We are truly in the area of xRM…allowing traditional CRM platforms to manage any business relationship- We see CRM is moving into VRM where you manage your vendors, or HRM for HR management,” he explains.

Zitzke says all these solutions are already available on modern mobile smart phones and tablets. “This is the new platform to transact on  and the new younger workforce is changing the way in which businesses allows its staff to interact with their colleagues and customers.  Mobile adoption is key for future business growth.”

“Companies prefer OPEX to CAPEX, they now want a pay-as-you-go option. We recommend the Cloud because it’s hosted, it’s secure, it’s back-up and it’s always there. Email will always be there, it will only get more intelligent. But I think touch and the empowering your mobile force through push technologies, is the way to go,” he concludes.