AccTech Systems successfully implemented Sage ERP Accpac for Government Parastatal PLAS

The Department of Rural Development and Land ReformDepartment of Rural Development and Land Reform streamline PLAS operations with Sage ERP and AccTech Systems

The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform has adopted a formal program to drive the acquisition and redistribution of land.  The Proactive Land Acquisition Strategy (PLAS) aims to ensure the maximum productive use of acquired land and they contracted AccTech Systems to deploy Sage ERP Accpac as the chosen financial and accounting solution.

“PLAS manages the process of renting out agricultural farms to previously disadvantaged farmers, giving them the opportunity to create a living by planting and harvesting crops,” says Cecil Nyamandi, manager at PLAS.  “We manage these rental agreements and payment processes of the leased properties and required an ERP solution to drive our back office financial operations.  The combination of AccTech Systems and Sage ERP Accpac provided us with the perfect solution.

According to Hassim Hajee, Director of ERP solutions at AccTech Systems the biggest challenge that PLAS was facing was the management of contracts and the maintenance of these leased properties. “We suggested  the Sage ERP Accpac platform in order to give PLAS full visibility of the properties and one central point of entry. AccTech’swide exposure in the government sector and services we were already providing to PLAS’s  sister company, the Chief Registrar of Deeds, made us the preferred solution provider for PLAS,” says Hajee.

Nyamandi concurs: “The new financial system manages all aspects of the lease agreements and automates the monthly rental run.  It provides a full debtor management platform on which to manage PLAS’s debtors, greatly enhancing our collection capabilities.”

Tertius Zitzke, CEO at AccTech Systems says that Sage ERP Accpac’s integration capabilities, together with its advanced reporting functionalities provides a perfect ERP platform for government departments.  “It’s the perfect accounting and financial foundation allowing departments to leverage their investments in legacy systems and other custom developments.  We are very proud of the solution we deployed for PLAS and we believe we’ve taken them a few steps closer to their 2014 targets being;a higher path of growth, employment opportunities and equity within the South African agricultural landscape.