Microstrategy and AccTech Systems partner to unlock company data

Professional services company, AccTech Systems, is set to maximise the value of its customers’ enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems thanks to a partnership with MicroStrategy Inc., a global leader in business intelligence (BI) software. MicroStrategy has recently appointed AccTech Systems as a platinum partner.

As a result of the partnership, AccTech Systems will be able to offer its mid-market customers all the benefits of enterprise-grade BI services, without the typical overheads and implementation timeframes. In addition, AccTech Systems customers – which include mines, finance and insurance, hospitality and the retail industry – will benefit from MicroStrategy’s mobile BI services.

AccTech CEO, Tertius Zitzke, explains that previously BI was seen as the reporting component within the traditional ERP system. However, this approach ignores the other components of BI, including master data management, dashboards, predictive modelling, alerts and data quality – all of which are key to tapping into the value of an organisation’s data in order to make good business decisions.

“We bring a new strategic fit between ERP and BI with a service that can harness the valuable information in the ERP system and present it in a friendly format and on the platform of choice to the decision makers and analysts. All without losing grip on the standard business and financial reporting from the ERP system,” said Zitzke.

Enterprise-grade BI

What’s more, thanks to the scalability of the MicroStrategy service, it can easily be deployed in smaller organizations, as well as large enterprises. “Mid-market companies need business tools to be up and running within days, at an acceptable price point,” said Zitzke. “MicroStrategy has the ability to scale from tens of thousands of users, to a small company with two or three users.”

MicroStrategy’s BI platform is technology-agnostic, so AccTech’s customers don’t have to deploy additional hardware, for instance Microsoft, Oracle or Unix servers, in order to derive business value from the BI platform. It also incorporates global best practices per sector, allowing companies to more rapidly realise business value from their investment; as well as local requirements, for instance reporting on BBBEE metrics in South Africa.

BI on the go

As well as MicroStrategy’s ability to provide enterprise-grade BI tools to AccTech System’s mid-market customers, Zitzke was also impressed with the company’s approach to mobilising BI.

“Mobile is a strategic imperative for our customers,” said Zitzke. “Not only do they want to receive and inquire BI via a mobile device, but they also want to capture transaction information via a mobile device. MicroStrategy hasn’t bolted on mobile as an afterthought. Instead mobile is central to the product architecture and also avoids the need for multiple development on multiple devices.”

Shared goals

“AccTech’s passion for enabling its customers to unlock the value of their company data in order to make fast, accurate and informed business decisions matches our own,” says Mark Bannerman, country manager for MicroStrategy. “In addition, AccTech has set its sights very firmly on the sub-Saharan Africa market, which is also a key goal for MicroStrategy.”

Beyond ERP

For AccTech’s Zitzke, the pairing of BI and ERP is only the start for his customers. “The MicroStrategy BI solution has the capability to expand and bring information to the table that was previously not available for decision-making,” he says.