25 July 2011 – AccTech Systems streamline mining operations with Microsoft Business Intelligence solution

A large nickel producing mine in South Africa has selected AccTech Systems to deploy a business intelligence solution in order to assist their finance, administration and operational divisions to achieve a holistic view of the entire mining organisation for planning, statutory reporting and high level planning purposes. AccTech chose Microsoft’s Business Intelligence solutions for the task.

“The challenge this specific mine faced is not dissimilar to the challenges faced by other mining companies,” says Andre Cloete, Director of Business Intelligence solutions at AccTech Systems. “Most mines run disparate systems to manage the ERP; Plant & Equipment Maintenance and asset management portions of their business. Some systems run on relational database managements systems, others on non-relational source and the common result is a conglomeration of unstructured data sources,” says Cloete. “Our BI project’s focus was to provide mining executives with a holistic view of the mine, using data from all these systems.”

The software components used during the deployment of this solution included Microsoft Office 2010; Microsoft Excel 2010 with PowerPivot; Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services.

“The solution AccTech comprised for us entailed the creation of a data staging area for in order to manage the initial transfer of data from the databases and other sources,” says the mines IT Manager. “After AccTech cleansed the data, the data was integrated in to a central data warehouse. The ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) process was handled by using SQL Server Integration Services. After completion of the data warehouse, analysis cubes were designed and made available to specific users to make reporting on all aspects of the mine a better user experience.”

“For mining statistics and operational data outside the ERP database we used Microsoft Excel and Microsoft SharePoint integration to accommodate the data capturing process,” says Cloete. “The customer felt this to be an extremely easy process as users where using software tools (Microsoft Excel) that they were familiar with,” concludes Cloete.

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