11 May 2011 – South African parastatal deploys Microsoft BI solution with AccTech Systems

A South African parastatal in the defence industry, has selected Business Intelligence Gold Certified Microsoft Partner, AccTech Systems, to deploy a Business Intelligence solution that would allow the streamlining and automation of consolidated financial and BEE information across all business units within the parastatal.

“Every division within the parastatal currently runs its own ERP database and other third party business applications,” says the parastatal’s financial manager. “We required a solution that would allow us to produce consolidated financial reports packs from all divisions across the enterprise. These reports packs include balance sheets; income statements and cash flow reports. Another requirement was to bring BEE information residing outside the ERP system into the various division’s vendor reports for BEE & BBBEE calculations. Powered by Microsoft Office 2010; Microsoft Excel 2010 with PowerPivot and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, AccTech deployed a self-service BI solution to facilitate all these requirements.”

“Some of the challenges we faced with this specific customer where that not all the financial divisions within the group were structured in the same way and that procurement processes differed from division to division,” says Andre Cloete, Director of Business Intelligence solutions at AccTech Systems. “This disparate structure made it extremely difficult to consolidate all the divisions’ information into one accurate view in order to produce an overall picture of the group’s total financial standing,” says Cloete.

“Our vendor’s BEE information was spread across the organisation in various data formats and hard-copies,” says their financial manager. “To get all this information current and into one repository was key to make sense of any BEE reports. The data for the BEE reports had to be cleansed before we could store it in a database for reporting and AccTech deployed the advanced features of Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services for this task.”

“The value of any BI project is that the consolidated data view opens new vision into an organisation’s business and this project was no different,” says Cloete. As an additional functionality provided during the project AccTech empowered the parastatal with accurate forecasting data allowing for precise capital expenditure and depreciation planning. They were managing their assets through a third party asset management system containing all the capital expenditure information on 11 different Microsoft SQL databases. Since the completion of the BI project, acquisition & depreciation forecasting has been tremendously streamlined. After pulling the asset data into a Microsoft SQL Warehouse, the parastatal is now presented with current and useful forecasting information, allowing accurate business decisions regarding capital expenditure and IFRS requirements,” says Cloete.

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