1 July 2011 – AccTech Systems announces new release of Audit Trails

PRETORIA, South Africa — July 1 2011 — AccTech Systems today unveiled the release of AccTech Audit Trails 2.4, the newest version of its database auditing application. By improving usability and adding exporting facilities to Microsoft Excel, AccTech Audit Trails 2.4 delivers the protective and detective controls required to monitor alterations on an organisation’s Microsoft SQL databases.

“The worldwide strategy adopted by governments and businesses alike to comply with good corporate governance is resulting in organisations re-visiting the security of their most important asset, being their ERP and Line of Business (LOB) application data,” says Jannie van Aswegen, Technical Director at AccTech Systems. “Every business application is reliant on a stable & secure database environment, but the business challenge in securing this environment lies in the fact that your database is not safely locked away. It is accessed and modified, directly or indirectly, by every single business application user,” says van Aswegen.

Certified as a Microsoft ISV product for Microsoft Server 2008 R2 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008, AccTech Audit Trails features proactive database controls that allow database administrators to effectively monitor the performance of their databases. Unauthorised system user actions triggers predefined administrator alerts via Email or SMS, depending on the severity of the action. Every action is recorded, providing CIO’s and business executives with a full audit of every single database action.

Originally designed and customised for organisations running Sage ERP applications such as Sage ERP Accpac and Sage ERP X3, the release of AccTech Audit Trails 2.3 in 2010 proved to be a tremendous success in the Sage ERP community. “We still include the so-called friendly name conventions linking database descriptions to the friendly names for applications within the Sage ERP framework, but AccTech Audit Trails 2.4’s market is much wider. It builds on the existing features of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Auditing Tools making it easy for any organisation to use, irrespective of their ERP solution,” says van Aswegen.

Editorial Contacts:

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