9 September 2010 – AccTech Systems assists Bradford McCormack & Associates to meet international standards with Sage CRM

Softline Accpac business partner, AccTech Systems has successfully implemented Sage CRM at Bradford McCormack & Associates (BMA), one of the top corporate property service providers in South Africa.

Mark Bradford, MD of Bradford McCormack & Associatessays, that from an IT perspective, the local property market is relatively underdeveloped providing significant opportunities for software developers. He said to fulfil this gap; Bradford McCormack approached AccTech Systems to upgrade its service delivery operation. “The answer lay in our customer relationship management (CRM) solution and ensuring we were able to meet the unique property driven requirements and service level expectations of our high-level customers.”

AccTech Systems suggested Sage CRM, which CEO Tertius Zitzke says not only, provides out-of-the-box features, but is rich with functionality, easy to use and has the ability to be maintained in-house. “Sage CRM will strengthen the company’s already successful value proposition enabling it to meet international property standards.”

The company’s visible profile and brand presence is widely associated with the highest levels of integrity and the delivery of professional and entrepreneurial property solutions nationwide. Bradford says the Sage CRM implementation will ensure that they are able to take the customer experience to the next level. One way to do this is by ensuring that all information regarding critical lease triggers are sent via an alert to clients and internal staff. “The solution will also capture specific information relevant to Bradford McCormack and the database of client’s and property stock will be easily accessible by management and employees.”

He says the company’s agents will have a system that enables them to capture and manage opportunities effectively. “The property database will help develop a better picture of a customer’s property portfolio ensuring rental renewal opportunities are not missed.It will also assist with time management and ensure that our servicesare processed efficiently using the Sage CRM Workflow engine.This helps businesses capture the required information successfully and execute business processes correctly.”

Keith Fenner, vice president, sales – Softline Accpac says the CRM system will create a credible and reliable database of information for Bradford McCormack & Associates. “It will also assist with document management and to streamline processes. The ease of use will eliminate redundant and duplicated processes, which will enable users to maximise time and increase future revenue and service delivery.”

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