06 April 2010 – International mining giant to benefit from AccTech’s Microsoft deployment services

One of the world’s leading mining companies has selected AccTech Systems to assist them in the process of complying with international electronic document and records management standards. As result of their updated software assurance, AccTech is providing this valuable service at no cost to the customer via Microsoft’s Business Value Planning Services (BVPS) and SharePoint Deployment Planning Services (SDPS).

“With the Fiscal year almost completed, we had no budget available for any further IT-projects,” says the organisation’s IT-manager. “We would have lost out on the possible deployment of the new Microsoft Office 2010 solution stack, but as a result of the up-to-date status of our Microsoft software assurance, AccTech as a qualified BVPS and SDPS partner, could do the planning and deployment for us at no additional cost.”

“We had an existing relationship with the customer as the ERP solution provider to one of their marketing divisions,” says Tertius Zitzke, Chief Executive Officer of AccTech Systems. “During a business technology seminar, the concept of business value planning services was introduced to the organisation, and the immediate benefits they could derive from utilising this service, was obvious,” says Zitzke.

Microsoft’s Business Value Planning Services (BVPS) helps organisations makers develop plans to maximize the business value of their Microsoft Office system through structured, multi-day engagements. Qualified partners assist organisations to document, analyse, and design a plan that can them unlock the potential of their existing Microsoft investments.

“AccTech is currently the only BVPS partner in Africa and as such we have a very important role to play in the deployment of Microsoft technologies across the African continent,” says Zitzke. “For this specific customer we could assist them to comply with international document and records management standards, simply by helping them plan and deploy Microsoft SharePoint as an electronic document and records management solution. That in itself was a very important feat for them. What was even more beneficial and valuable to our customer was the fact that it was done at no additional cost to them, clearly showcasing the critical importance of insuring that an organisations software assurance status is kept up to date.”

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