Synchronised production systems

The service and manufacturing industries offer vital contributions to the South African economy. Providing these industries with solutions that meet their needs ensures that they run efficiently and remain competitive.

brainstorm Synchronised production systemsBy Adrian Hinchcliffe – Copyright Brainstorm & AccTech Systems.
Photo credit: Suzanne Gell, Mariette Landman

AccTech’s deep experience and knowledge of the manufacturing industry has resulted in the crafting of solutions that meet all the varied requirements of the discreet and process manufacturing industries. Specific requirements of the industry include traceability back to source, cost life cycle management, Just in Time production, lot and serial tracking, automated replenishment and recipe control. Combine these with the integration of various devices such as scales, scanners, process control devices and ERP systems, and it makes the challenges of providing solutions even more interesting.

Manufacturers need to collaborate with their partners in the supply chain, to ensure that goods arrive on time, says Chris Shaw, director of manufacturing solutions. Reducing cost and wasted opportunities through efficient stock-holding and getting as close as possible to a ‘just in time’ inventory system are key. “Stock in the store should be cash in the bank. The vast majority of our implementations have resulted in considerable savings of stock costs.” suggests Shaw.

“The fundamentals that underpin AccTech’s solutions offering are about logistics, managing the inbound supply chain and inventory management. It’s about getting the right part to the right place in the plant at the right time,” he says.

“To survive, South Africa’s manufacturing industry needs to streamline and be efficient. There is a need to get the supply chain managed and working effectively. Streamlining the processes and supply chain will decrease the costs on a global and local scale,” Shaw states.

Shaw states that AccTech’s solution selection is driven by the requirements of the customer. “AccTech doesn’t try to fit the product based on size or company,” he states. “It is vital that we are able to identify the needs and requirements of our clients in order to get the right software solution to work as a tool to exactly meet their needs.”

Servicing the service industry.

Likewise, identifying the requirements of service-related companies has been key for AccTech. Shaw believes there is one major common requirement that can be identified across this sector. Billing. Whether it’s unit-based billing, such as for electricity, or time-based billing, which can cover different levels of labour, or even additional items, such as spare parts. AccTech’s manufacturing solutions are capable of billing for all of these individually or in combination.

AccTech’s customer requirements include planned maintenance, workshop management, warranty tracking, shop floor control and complex hourly billing. Shaw explains: “Our hands-on approach of partnering with our clients ensures our solutions are a perfect fit and easy to use.”

In essence, AccTech’s offerings to the manufacturing and service industries are based on customising solutions to meet specific requirements. This is achieved through a deep understanding of the industries, customers and their processes, concludes Shaw.