Mining system from ground-level up

Starting with the customisation of accounting solutions, AccTech now offers a wealth of products for the mining industry.

brainstorm Mining system from ground-level upBy Donovan Jackson – Copyright Brainstorm & AccTech Systems.
Photo credit: Suzanne Gell, Mariette Landman

The restoration of the mining industry as a key player in the African economy has presented a host of new challenges to the industry that AccTech successfully addresses. AccTech’s Mining and Industrial Solutions unit is recognised as a key provider of business and advanced maintenance solutions to the mining industry around the world.

“We have the right tool for the times we are living in now – one that we have found the market wants,” says Jaco Retief, director of mining and industrial solutions at AccTech Systems. Solutions have evolved from Accpac-focused accounting solutions to fully functional ERP solutions that incorporate workflow, procurement, expediting and full equipment lifecycle costing.

AccTech’s most recent offering for the mining industry fully integrates the industry recognized iSolutions advanced maintenance tracking (AMT) solution to various financial, procurement and ERP solutions. This product was purpose built for mining and other asset-intensive industries.

AMT explained

AMT, he explains, provides systems and processes to assess and improve equipment performance and reduce lifecycle costs. The software can be used as a standalone system, or can be integrated with an existing ERP system.

The iSolutions product offers modules covering lifecycle cost modelling, equipment maintenance strategies, planning and scheduling, work execution and downtime, work order management, maintenance and repair contract management, budgeting and forecasting, plant hire, and equipment issues management.

“The AMT solution allows us to cost, forecast, budget and model the lifecycles of equipment, aiding with the streamlining of costs and proper planning for maintenance. This is exactly what we needed to optimise our investment in mining assets.”

A wealth of clients

AccTech has established itself in the mining industry having successfully implemented turnkey solutions in some of the most remote corners of the planet. Clients include Moolman Mining, Aquarius Platinum and Manganese Metal Company (MMC), as well as other major mining operations in Africa.

“We started out offering financial and distribution solutions to mining houses, essentially offering accounting and stock management software, as part of our Sage Mining solutions suite,” Retief says. “Currently, our Sage ERP Accpac accounting product is used by about 90 percent of our clients.”

Apart from the Sage solutions for Mining and ERP offerings, the group also offers an e-Workflow solution, which enables data entry requests from mines, with comprehensive authorisation rules built in, linked to costs centres and budgets, says Retief. The workflow solution, he explains, manages procurement and internal stock issues as it enables the creation of unlimited workflows and associated rules and alerts.

“Being able to provide these solutions, specifically designed and built for the mining industry, gave us a competitive edge. Now, the AMT product, which sits on top of an ERP solution, provides a complete mining offering,” Retief concludes.

Success at CAMEC

AccTech recently completed a turnkey mining solutions implementation at Central African Mining and Company (CAMEC). According to AccTech, CAMEC sought to implement a solution that would give it better control over its spending and ensure the accuracy of its reporting figures.

CAMEC is an AIM-listed African-focused diversified miner, with multiple business lines across central and southern Africa. The implemented solution covers ERP and fixed asset management, workflow for materials management, as well as equipment management and business intelligence tools. The system, says AccTech, enables efficiencies to be driven through the business and gives the mining house access to live financial data in London.

At the time of the implementation, CAMEC financial director John Raath said: “To make the implementation even more interesting, we also required the system be accessible over the Internet, enabling our people to be able to work anywhere at anytime. This would also make the company’s information available to the rest of the group 24/7, without their having to wait for reports from the various regions.”

CAMEC has reported that it is seeing the benefits of the implementation. Seamless integration and efficient processes have overcome the challenges of managing the growth of new developments and investments. Tracking of activities is done live, with centrally-managed servers in Johannesburg and reporting not only country-wide, but also back to headquarters in the UK. This facilitates real-time business decisions.

“We had a clean audit report and were able to report in record time for this financial year. On top of this, the consolidation module has made the consolidation process much simpler, with fewer queries and mistakes being made when reporting to London – an incredible 23 companies were consolidated in six weeks,” Raath said earlier.