Bang for citizens’ buck

Business application software and services, backed by unqualified audit reports for government.

brainstorm Bang for citizens' buckBy Candice Jones – Copyright Brainstorm & AccTech Systems.
Photo credit: Suzanne Gell, Mariette Landman

The task of government is to deliver essential services to the people – but this has to be done in a manner that is both effective and efficient.

Until recently, the first has been the easier measure, if only using yardsticks such as voter satisfaction and service delivery protests. Efficiency has been harder to gauge, particularly when considering the opaqueness of traditional paper-based reporting.

Citizens today not only demand services on time and on standard; they demand value for money – bang for their buck, as one US leader put it.

Multi-party political oversight on all tiers of government, aided by Constitutional institutions like the Auditor General, has brought greater clarity. But the more the transparency, the more the pressure on systems and controls, says AccTech director government solutions, Mohammed Dawood.

“There has never been a more pressing need for sound management processes and systems than there is in today’s environment,” he says.

“A primary method to enhance corporate governance in the sector and seek its sustainable development is to manage procurement, reduce consumption and ensure the management of budgets,” notes Hassim Hajee, director ERP Systems at AccTech.

“Budget control, the procurement process and cost management are closely related to the efficiency and competitiveness of a state department or entity and can reflect superior management – or otherwise,” Dawood added. “Business process management – particularly for supply chain management flowing to commitment accounting, budget control and forecasting, are the cornerstone of AccTech’s deliverables.”

Hajee says government departments, utility companies and state enterprises are well advised to make use of the many commercially available solutions to ensure a proper approval cycle that allows managers to control expenditure – such as those supported by AccTech.

AccTech has a proven track record in government and is currently supporting many state controlled entities. “We are helping government to deliver within budget with all expenses accounted for.” Says Dawood

This, Dawood says, shows that AccTech, with its range of supported Sage ERP Accpac products, is the best choice any government procurement official can make by far.

Case study – CIPRO

CIPRO, an agency of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), needed a solution that would assist its finance division with the preparation of monthly financial statements for submission to the DTI, as well as put it in good order for visit by the Auditor General.

The challenge CIPRO faced, says Dawood, was getting reports done timeously and eliminating the possibility of reports or data being manipulated.

“CIPRO wanted a feature-rich core reporting capability that included scalability, ad hoc querying and improved ease of use. They also wanted the associated skills and training to more broadly leverage their investments.”

Based on these principles, Dawood says, AccTech provided a solution that offered the following services:

  • Financial Management Information System;
  • Data Warehouse;
  • Management Information System.

“Using the project management orientated methodology and involving the right skilled personnel, AccTech was able to deliver the solution and meet the client’s expectations,” Dawood says.

“Our financial system is providing the information they require, when they require it, allowing for decisive decision-making. This, together with AccTech’s track record with other government organisations, made the choice of awarding the tender to AccTech, an easy one,” Dawood concludes.