AccTech gets Sage ERP Accpac punching above its weight

Operational processes should be identified and managed efficiently in any business if the organisation is to be successful.

brainstorm AccTech gets Sage ERP Accpac punching above its weightBy Donovan Jackson – Copyright Brainstorm & AccTech Systems.
Photo credit: Suzanne Gell, Mariette Landman

One of the key reasons for the national and growing international success of AccTech Systems, is its focus on building enhancements around the standard Sage ERP Accpac suite of products. These enhancements are predominantly focused in the areas of business process management (BPM) and workflow, and are directly focused on helping ERP customers to achieve greater efficiency.

That’s according to Henk le Roux, Director of business process management solutions at AccTech Systems, who says the introduction of effective BPM and workflow not only automates many essential processes, but also provides management with greater insight into, and control of, the organisation.

“The consolidation of enterprise functions in a manageable workflow process has particular focus. Identifying inefficient processes, re-engineering these in line with best practice and then automating them where possible, contributes to a direct increase in operational efficiency,” he says.

Cutting the red tape

A reduction in the exchange of inefficient, time consuming and error-prone paper-driven forms receives particular focus.

Efficiency is always a good thing, there is no question about that. But on the other side of the coin, with clearly defined processes which can stand up to an audit, it allows managers to enforce company policies. “Introducing workflow makes processes more transparent and enforces policies and procedures with automated escalations and electronic approvals.” says le Roux.

Simply put, the staff, who remain a critical aspect of the business processes, are prompted by the system to do things correctly. And with its escalations, the system can make sure that push does come to shove, if necessary; process bottlenecks or stoppages become very easy to identify and rectify before productivity suffers.

Streamlining the chain

In the modern world, company leaders with an interest in operating as effectively as possible have broadened their focus from a mere internal one. The extended value chain opens a new range of possibilities for faster and lower cost operations. Collaboration with partners and customers provides for better planning, reduced inventory and improved customer satisfaction, says le Roux.

“Internal business process management is just the start. Many internal processes inevitably extend to partners, customers and suppliers. By giving our customers the ability to integrate with these third parties, they stand to gain the benefit of broad visibility of the value chain and the associated advantages,” he says.

But le Roux notes that tinkering with business processes can be a delicate matter, mostly because people don’t like change. “Change management is definitely one of the major challenges which come with workflow and process management. Adaptation to new processes can and does take time and needs to be handled carefully,” he cautions.

Such is the success of the workflow and business process management solutions which AccTech has designed and produced, that workflow is resold by the global Sage channel and is accredited by Microsoft as an ISV offering. It enhances the basic Sage ERP Accpac solution to such an extent that it arguably has it punching well above its weight.