18 March 2009 – Softline Accpac pins accolade on AccTech Systems for fifth time


AccTech Systems is Softline Accpac’s business partner of the year – again. It’s the fifth year running that the company has demonstrated its clout in the channel, and by the sounds of it, there’s no stopping this dynamic team.

[ Johannesburg, 18 March 2009 ] – Anyone who attended the recent Softline Accpac Insights Africa 2009 Conference, in the Drakensberg, will not have missed the formidable presence of the AccTech Systems team. There isn’t time for “bosberaads” and the like during the year, but this is one event CEO Tertius Zitzke says the company never misses, because the opportunity potential here, both to learn and to network, is invaluable.

“It’s obvious that Sage is very committed to its global brands, Sage ERP Accpac, Sage ERP X3 and Sage CRM, and is putting its money where its mouth is when it comes to developing around the customer. The management at Softline Accpac are backing customer-centric development and the outcomes have been very positive for all stakeholders. Positive is of course good, especially in the current economic climate which, I must admit, hasn’t had too much of an impact on AccTech. The work keeps coming in and we’re doing well,” says Zitzke.

AccTech Systems Softline Accpac accolade awardAccTech has 30 products it has developed around Sage ERP Accpac in the international market, and the recent addition of Sage ERP X3, with its scalability and Web-native design features, has enabled them to break new ground in the African market. Their specialist pool of staff and Alliance partners include accountants, business and system analysts, project managers, development staff and consultants, all specialising in different solution fields with specific industry knowledge.

Morné Swanepoel, COO of AccTech Systems, says an all-rounded skills base is just one of the company’s strong points. The biggest secret to their success, he says, is the high level of organisational culture that has been fostered. Staff are customer-focused, motivated and stick around – on average, staff spend about six years with the company – which largely goes against the industry norm.

He adds that delivering the right solutions to the customer calls for out-of-the-box thinking. The AccTech “school” has driven home the importance of innovation and of calibrating resources to provide the right solutions. Their strength lies in their resources and Swanepoel believes job satisfaction comes from delivering exactly what the customer needs. The company’s methodologies are also strongly centred on successfully managing the client expectation and budget.

Will they be Softline Accpac business partner of the year 2009? Zitzke emphatically believes so. His advice to other business partners is to forget the doom and gloom and get on with business – keep your eyes peeled for those opportunities and find the sweet spot and exploit it!

Jeremy Waterman, MD of Softline Accpac, says AccTech Systems has contributed enormously to Accpac product development and is committed to high-quality solutions to meet customer needs. “The company’s extraordinary culture is a big part of its success and we commend Tertius for fostering such a positive and winning attitude among his staff.”

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