29 February 2008 – AccTech Systems runs ahead with Sage ERP X3 from Softline Accpac

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[Johannesburg, 29 February 2008] – Softline Accpac 2008 business partner of the year, AccTech Systems, has embraced the launch of the Sage ERP X3 on the African continent and says it will be the first Accpac business partner with a South African live reference site.

Softline Accpac managing director Jeremy Waterman says Sage ERP X3 has already had considerable success in Africa, with over 130 sites predominantly in the French-speaking countries, and so the launch by Softline Accpac in South Africa and Africa as a whole will build on this already successful model.

“The official launch of the product by Softline Accpac in the South Africa market is only taking place this month, but we’ve already engaged with a number of companies that will benefit from Sage ERP X3’s advanced manufacturing capabilities,” says Tertius Zitzke, managing director, AccTech Systems.

“Our prompt response to the first dealer channel product demonstration at the end of last year has resulted in AccTech Systems selling the first site in South African market, and the AccTech Alliance footprint in Namibia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Tanzania, Mozambique and Ghana will give us the delivery vehicle into Africa,” says Zitzke.

Additional to the Accpac range of end-to-end business solutions, Sage ERP X3 will form a very important part of Softline Accpac’s solution range.

“Mid-market ERP manufacturing systems have always provided both vendors and clients with a myriad of challenges, ranging from a limited functionality offering to extremely high cost of ownership,” says Marc Gower, sales and marketing director, AccTech Systems. “Sage ERP X3’s scalability together with its Web-native design features, promises to take the market by storm.”

Web-native means that your system can be accessed the same way in both client/server and Web mode. Zitzke explains: “Some ERP software systems offer a customised Web connection to dedicated functions, but few can provide a company with the ability to operate the system locally or through the Web in the exact same way. Think of the advantage you could have with this advanced communicative architecture when expanding your business over multiple sites, or considering developing relationships with premier suppliers, partners or customers,” says Zitzke.

Launching a new product in a market always provides vendors with the challenge of successful implementation references. “Sage ERP X3 comes with over 25 years of experience in the European and North American market, and as such we are launching a very mature solution set with tons of reference sites,” says Gower.

“We are very proud that we will be able to be the first partner with a successful local implementation.

“Sage ERP X3 has had significant success in the food and beverage, chemical, life sciences, hard goods manufacturing and wholesale trade industries. The opportunities are enormous and through our African Alliance model, we are geared for great success in the Sage ERP X3 market,” says Gower.

AccTech Systems

AccTech Systems is a technology independent IT solution and services provider. Certified as a Microsoft Gold Partner with competencies in ISV Software Solutions, Data Management Solutions, Information Worker Solutions and Business Process and Integration, AccTech has representation in 5 South African provinces as well as 11 other African Countries. AccTech is also certified as a Premier Accpac Solution provider by Sage International and is currently ranked as the No.1 Accpac Solution provider in the world.

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