24 January 2006 – Sage ERP Accpac system automates F3 Funeral Society

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[Johannesburg, 24 January 2006] – AccTech Systems alliance partner, AccTech North West, has been awarded a R500 000 contract to implement a fully integrated Accpac membership, billing, accounting and CRM system for F3 Funeral Society. One of the largest funeral funds in the Northern Province, it operates a fully-fledged undertaking service with a fleet of over 20 hearses.

“We previously used a simple accounting system that did not include any member tracking or billing. The membership system was separate and was not integrated, making monthly billing and collections a problem,” says Johan van Heerden, senior administration control officer, F3 Funeral Society.

The new Sage ERP Accpac system consists of back-end accounting with automated monthly billing of 120 000 members and dependants.

Brynt Moggach, managing director, AccTech Alliance North West, says F3 Funeral Society selected the Sage ERP Accpac Accounts Receivable module, integrated with specialist point of sale solution, isoPos. “This provides the F3 Funeral Society with off-line remote terminals that capture accurate receipt details and also provides full access to member details.”

He says that when a dial-up connection is established, all receipt data is synchronised to the back-office system in Rustenburg. In addition, Moggach says all members are being issued with bar-coded identity cards to eliminate incorrect allocation and fraud, as well as speed up data capture.

The installation of Sage CRM will provide F3 Funeral Society with all member details, including credit control information, funeral policy details, dependants and personal details to be accessed by any staff member. Utilising a wide area network, F3’s remote offices will be able to access the CRM system remotely providing real-time, bi-directional information flow. Sage CRM offers instant integration between front-office and back-office systems, saving the F3 Society valuable time.

“Integration solutions such as F3 Funeral Society’s are powerful. We anticipate an increased demand for integrated business management software as customers continue realising the benefits of software integration, striving for increased efficiencies, improved customer service and a single view of the business,” concludes Moggach.

AccTech Systems

AccTech Systems (Pty) Ltd is an Sage ERP Accpac accounting software solution provider. Accredited as a premier solution provider by Sage ERP Accpac International, AccTech specialises in Sage ERP Accpac’s entire range of award-winning product lines and third party software products.

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Softline Sage ERP Accpac

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Softline is a leading provider of accounting, payroll and CRM software solutions to small, medium and large companies. Founded in 1988 by Ivan Epstein, Alan Osrin and Steven Cohen, Softline was established during the formative years of the software industry and listed on the JSE Securities Exchange South Africa in February 1997. Softline expanded to establish a strong position within its area of focus in South Africa and Australia.

Focused on the development of accounting, payroll and CRM software solutions, Softline has a 16-year track record as a market leader. The group has a broad range of products offering users a variety of software solutions to run their businesses efficiently. Softline’s leading brands include Softline Accpac, Softline Enterprise, Softline Pastel (Accounting and Payroll) and Softline VIP. The combination of the group’s product offerings, provide Softline customers with comprehensive, well-branded accounting, payroll and CRM software solutions.

In November 2003, Softline was acquired by Sage Group plc, an established FTSE 100 company. The group includes market-leading businesses throughout the United Kingdom, Europe, North America, South Africa and Australia, supplying business software to the small, medium and large business community.

Softline has a solid track record of profitability and cash generation. The group delivers quality accounting, payroll and CRM software solutions that improve the efficiencies of businesses around the world.


The Sage Group plc is a leading supplier of accounting and business management software solutions and related services for small, medium and large enterprises. It comprises market-leading businesses throughout Europe, United Kingdom, North America, South Africa and Australia. The Sage group plc has over five million small and mid-sized customers in 55 countries and 10 500 staff.

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