22 June 2006 – BEE investment company, Calulo, selects Sage ERP Accpac

Issued by: AccTech Systems

[Johannesburg, 22 June 2006] – Softline Sage ERP Accpac and 2005 premier business partner AccTech Systems will implement Sage ERP Accpac’s managed services solution in energy and minerals investment company, Calulo Investments.

The company selected Sage ERP Accpac 500 in a move to centralise its IT function. Gabby Sequeira, financial director at Calulo Investments, says Sage ERP Accpac 500 provides the integration needed, as well as constant access to relevant business applications. AccTech Systems will manage the project in conjunction with outsource service centre partner, Exordia.

Keith Fenner, strategic sales, Softline Sage ERP Accpac, says Calulo Investments will benefit greatly from the managed service solution.

“Continuous reliable access to the latest technology without the risks, costs and administrative responsibilities associated with developing and maintaining the required IT infrastructure, will be one of the main benefits.”

Richard Halton, managing director of Exordia, agrees: “Several studies indicate that hosted solution providers can lower the cost of technology for small to medium businesses. Since providing computer services is one of the core competences of Exordia, we can focus on those and enable a business to concentrate on its core competencies.”

Sequeira says Calulo Investments was established in 1999 as a black-owned and managed investment company. “We provided meaningful participation of black South Africans in the energy and minerals sectors and needed to create a central IT infrastructure to provide first class IT support to the companies we invest in.”

It opted for Accpac’s financial back office solution for the head office. In addition, Tertius Zitzke, managing director of AccTech Systems, says Calulo Investments also selected the Accpac for Mining module. “This includes Assetware Fixed Assets and AccTech eWorkflow BPM solution, as well as Accpac Insight for Business Intelligence at the Virginia Diamond Mine.”

Recognising that services are of crucial importance to the energy and resource sector, Sequeira says the company has established a new division called Calulo Services.

Fenner is delighted: “Managed services make sense for geographically spread operations that wish to centralise the IT function such as Calulo Investments.”

He says Accpac managed services provides a dedicated environment typically consisting of two servers and access to a shared data store (SQL-based SAN). This environment, delivered with a Citrix client front-end, will cater for up to 100 users easily and scale simply by addition of hardware on a per month basis. This infrastructure is operated by Exordia, which provides the data centre and data lines for Accpac’s clients.

Sequeira says the head office finance and Virginia Mine is only the first phase of the Accpac implementation. “Similar implementations will follow in other group companies within various industries.”

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