30 August 2002 – Sage ERP Accpac eWorkflow brings international solution

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[Johannesburg, 30 August 2002] – DIMON Incorporated is the second largest independent leaf tobacco merchant in the world, engaging in purchasing, processing, storing and selling leaf tobacco. DIMON employs over 11 000 full-time and seasonal people worldwide.

In fiscal year 2001, DIMON’s revenues from tobacco sales and related services totalled over $1.4 billion. The company has tobacco operations in 32 countries and owns 30 tobacco-processing facilities worldwide, giving it a world market share approaching 35%. The formation of DIMON (NYSE: DMN) by the merger of Dibrell Brothers Inc and Monk-Austin Inc created a significant force among international leaf merchants: a company drawing on over 200 years of experience in the tobacco industry with a firm focus on the future.

When Mashonaland Tobacco, the second largest tobacco producer in the Dimon Group (DIMON do Brazil being the biggest), decided to implement a new financial system, it contacted ATS (Pty) Ltd, a South African-based Sage ERP Accpac Master Business Partner.

ATS introduced Sage ERP Accpac for Windows SQL with eWorkflow as a replacement for the previous Sage ERP Accpac Plus system. The most important factor that had to be taken into consideration was that the users of the system would determine the structure thereof, not the IT department. ATS therefore spent a considerable amount of time customising the new system to the needs of the users.

“Mashonaland Tobacco’s total operation consists of three eWorkflow modules,” says Tertius Zitzke, managing director of ATS. “Sales administration; operational database and the financial database. The international sales procedure includes nine different stages, ranging from the creation of batch instructions, costing, pricing to final shipment and final reconciliation.

“The impressive part of the workflow system we installed at Mashonaland Tobacco, is that it interfaces with three different databases. The first database is the Sage ERP Accpac Advantage Series, Enterprise Edition on a Microsoft SQL Database, where all the debtors’ information is kept. The second database is the Progress production system and green and dry stock system and the third is the so called SPARC System database,” says Zitzke.

SPARC is Dimon International’s Web-based order fulfilment system. “They track information from our SPARC system and pull the information into the workflow system and this automatically updates the Sage ERP Accpac SQL database,” says Iain Bell, Financial Director, Dimon Africa Operations. “Previously, the entire sales administration system was driven by Microsoft Excel with nine different files at nine different departments. Now, with their eWorkflow system, ATS has helped us to seamlessly integrate the entire system onto one database.”

The second workflow module, the operational database, involves the entire maintenance of the plant on Sage ERP Accpac as a medium with internal issues as the driving force. Zitzke says that each maintenance job gets captured on internal issues, activated and sent to the Sage ERP Accpac database for control and budget tracking.

“This operational database we installed includes the payroll system and 3 000 workers clock in on a daily basis using biometrics thumb print scanning. The AccTech Time and Attendance system, calculates the gross pay for that particular shift daily, after each shift. This in turn writes into the Sage ERP Accpac general ledger, which means real-time financial reporting. Now management can see the exact input costs for the plant and operations regarding labour costs, maintenance and committed values,” says Zitzke.

The multi-currency facility on Sage ERP Accpac for Windows was fully utilised in this consolidated ledger. Although the sub-ledgers use different currencies, ranging from Zimbabwean dollar, British sterling and US dollar, the consolidated ledger displays both the functional and source currencies for financial reporting in both US dollars or Zimbabwe dollars,” says Bell. “It used to take us three weeks to compile a management report for the US head office, it is now simply a print job away,” he adds.

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