Streamline Price Maintenance With Softline Price Manager

accfactThe managing of items and pricelists is an important function for all operations to ensure acceptable levels of efficiency and profitability are maintained. The importing and exporting of items and prices is a cumbersome and unproductive process.

While many organisations grapple with these dynamics; Softline Price Manager is purpose built to automate the cumbersome processes relating to the maintenance of pricelists and inventory items.

When creating and maintaining information from the Price Manager module, templates can be created to make selections customised to your product or price group and these can be recalled to make changes to the same group every time.

When creating and saving the Items; Prices; Manufacturers barcodes; Vendor Items; Sales Prices etc. the system automatically generates the next item number using an auto increment and validation function to eliminate duplicate items and saving them successfully to the Sage ERP Accpac Inventory Control module.

item creation


  • Creation of segmented item numbers on-the-fly using segment descriptions to create item numbers from IC Segments.
  • Auto increment of next numbers by validation of existing items with segment combinations.
  • Limitation of UOM values accepted.
  • Linking of Manufacturers Barcodes in the same screen as the item creation screen.
  • Updating Optional field values in the same screen.
  • Updating multiple pricelists from one screen.
  • Updating across different Sage ERP Accpac companies from one Price Manager module.
  • Updating Sales Prices with date parameters.
  • Updating Future Prices effectively.
  • Speedy label printing feature to print different label specs using Goods Received Note quantities, quantity on hand or specified quantities.
  • Export functionalities to Microsoft Excel.
  • Automatic linking of Items to locations.