New version of Audit Trails released!

accfactThe release of AccTech Audit Trails 2.3 in the first quarter this year proved to be a tremendous success in the ERP community. Prior to this release, customers were limited in their Audit Reporting capabilities of their ERP systems the solutions available on the market simply didn’t cater for all their needs and a comprehensive solution seemed a far cry from achievable.

New version of Audit Trails released!AccTech Audit Trails not only provides the key features needed in auditing your ERP records, but boasts a large number of additional benefits not available in other competitively priced Auditing packages. Additional benefits includes the monitoring of any MS SQL database including your MS SQL Server, Enhanced Security that monitors where (front- or back-end) changes were affected, Role & Rule based Notifications and a useful Cloud Service with available web updates.

Audit TrailsAudit Trails 2.4 is here!

The latest version of Audit Trails boasts an impressive set of new enhancements. These enhancements are sure to have your IT Auditors smiling, and will leave you with more time to run your business, and less time worrying about compliance. New features include:

Inquiries & Reports:

  • Reports that are generated on the Inquiry screen can now be exported to Microsoft Office Excel for further analysis.
  • Filter your tree-view according to Audit Settings such as active or inactive.
  • New Data, Database and SQL Server reports and capabilities.

Sage ERP Accpac upgrades:

  • New Accpac Upgrade function will save time in your next Sage ERP Accpac upgrade. The function will import all new modules, tables and fields (including friendly names) into Audit Trails. This function will also be useful if you’ve purchased a new Sage ERP Accpac module.

Administrative functions:

  • A “Test eMail” function will send a test eMail to the eMail address provided and attach a test file to ensure that the solution has the necessary access permissions for Notifications and adding text file attachments.
  • The MS SQL Reporting Services URL for publishing Reports can now be entered on the Option Parameters Screen, enabling the solution to publish to secure socket layers as well.

How do I get Audit Trails 2.4?

If your Annual Software Assurance is up to date, you automatically qualify for the new version free of charge. If you don’t yet run AccTech Audit Trails in your business, save money, time and effort by investing in the Auditing solution from the ERP experts.