Customer Lifecycle Management – Managing customer support and aftersales

Providing quality customer service and maintaining satisfied customers is a challenge for every business. Sage CRM’s customer service capabilities are designed to help you manage and resolve your customer’s queries and needs efficiently and effectively; providing you with an easy-to-use user interface with powerful features.

This third ACCfact in the series Customer Life Cycle Management we explore how these customer service tools can benefit your organisation.

Cases pipeline in Sage CRM

Customer Management:


  • Increases productivity of customer support representatives
  • Provides self-service facilities to customers relating to common issues
  • Ensures issues never get lost
  • Reduces time spent researching issues by recording and centralising customer interactions
  • Empowers the customer service team to provide consistent and excellent service to customers
  • Enables customer satisfaction measurement and benchmarking
  • Assists with performance management and motivates staff


The ability to define customer care processes and escalation points is controlled and managed by a feature in Sage CRM called workflow. If a customer service case or query remains unresolved for longer than the predefined time, the workflow process triggers an automatic escalation notification to the customer care manager. This alert is a powerful automatic reminder that ensures each case is followed up on. Workflow can be fully customised in order to ensure that cases are progressed in accordance with company-specific processes.


Interactive Dashboard

Interactive Dashboard

Sage CRM provides powerful reporting capabilities which make it easy to monitor and measure customer service performance. Reports and dashboards provide overview information and detailed analysis on metrics such as call volume, case resolution times, communications and follow-up statistics. Customers can be provided with customised reports to demonstrate that the resolution criteria within their SLAs are being met. These can be displayed on the interactive dashboard for quick and easy access and analysis.

Client experience:

Along with ensuring full transparency and complete hand over, organisations are faced with the challenge of not really knowing how the client experienced the process.

Operations ManagementWith the e-marketing features in Sage CRM the Operations Manager can:

  • Manage customer satisfaction using surveys and other tools.
  • Monitor customer ratings by receiving the Customer Satisfaction Surveys online in real time.
  • Automatically initiate follow up actions defined based on the response from the client.
  • Monitor feedback that indicates unhappy response to ensure the problem is corrected immediately.

Integration with leading Sage ERP systems gives customer service staff access to back- and front-office customer data for a complete 360 degree view of every customer; making every customer interaction more informative and effective. Integrated Sage ERP data can be displayed directly on the interactive dashboard for convenient access and analysis from a single workspace.