Capture data and text from printed paper… with AccTech eWorkflow iOCR

AccTech Systems ACCfactAlthough business moved into the electronic era decades ago, most companies still produce large amounts of paper documents.  Managing, finding, tracking and protecting documents remain a challenge in most organisations.  The information contained on these paper documents is crucial to the transaction flow within your ERP system.  Businesses need to deploy an Electronic Document Management system, linked to an intelligent optical character recognition (iOCR) system in order to give users access to the right information at the right time.  AccTech eWorkflow iOCR is the answer.

AccTech eWorkflow iOCR features include:

  1. Converting inbound paper documents to electronic documents that are indexed, searchable, secure and accessible.
  2. Extracting information intelligently from documents to increase productivity, reduce turnaround time and human errors.
  3. Automatically create ERP transactions from the converted physical documents.
  4. Inbound and outbound documents in a repository for secure, online and easy access and storage.
  5. Link imaged documents to the transactional and meta-data, making the information available to the business users and partners.
  6. Enforce business procedures and policies through workflow authorisation.


eWorkflow iOCR - SCAN  - CAPTURE - STORE

Intelligent Optical Character Recognition and indexing explained:

Utilising advanced optical character recognition technology, eWorkflow iOCR automatically captures data and text from printed paper. Documents are saved as searchable and editable documents within your Document Repository and  enforcing business policy with eWorkflow.NET, commit the properly authorised transaction to your Sage ERP solution.

AccTech eWorkflow iOCR is supported by world class technology:

  • ABBYY FineReader and FlexiCapture
  • PSI:Capture
  • M-Files
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • MS SQL
  • AccTech eWorkflow.NET

AccTech eWorkflow iOCR Graphic