AccTech Advanced SMS for immediate notifications

accfactThere are certain occurrences in business that requires immediate management alerts in order to address business critical instances.  The earlier management receives notification the easier it becomes to mitigate possible risk and to ultimately improve productivity.

AccTech Advanced SMS is an application that notifies selected recipients on their mobile phones of actions taken within their ERP environment which have been pre-flagged as possible alerts.

SMS notifications alerts can be configured to send you an SMS alert when certain conditions are met in your ERP’s database. These may include:

  • A high risk customer placing an order
  • An expected customer payment not received
  • Discrepancies pertaining to stock receipts and levels
  • Overdue customer shipments
  • Orders over a predetermined size

You decide the business rules and the triggers with relevant content and AccTech Advanced SMS takes care of the rest.

How does it actually work?

The solution is entirely application independent and runs in the Microsoft SQL Server background, notifying recipients of changes occurring within their applications. Through Transact-SQL commands, the SMS application Message Request Table is populated with a SMS Text message containing information pertaining to the occurred changes within an application. The SMS message is then sent to recipients from the Recipient Table straight to their mobile phone. Only an Internet connection is required and a Messaging Service from your Service Provider.


  • 32-bit and 64-bit compliant
  • Application independent
  • Resides on Microsoft SQL Server
  • Stable application with Large volume capacity

AccTech Advanced SMS also features a retry function which will kick in should the Internet connectivity be unavailable at time of the initial sent SMS. AccTech Advanced SMS will automatically retry sending the message as soon as connectivity becomes available.