Workforce Time Tracking Made Simple

accfactThe effective management of time, employee expenses, disbursement tracking and Work in Progress are integral parts of a successful organisation. QuickCost is an end-to-end time, billing and project management system, with powerful project management and advanced billing options, all running alongside Sage ERP Accpac and integrating with Outlook based timesheets and Sage CRM. QuickCost makes it easy to automate your project time tracking, time and attendance, expense report management, job costing, and project billing. QuickCost provides you with real time information so you can instantly see all project and workforce cost and billing information, execute and bill projects faster, make more informed decisions, and reduce project time tracking and expense reporting costs.


QuickCost Timesheet: allows staff to record time and expenses against configured projects and tasks.

  • Record time against projects and tasks.
  • Record project related expenses.
  • On-bill project expenses such as flights as they occur rather when the invoice is received from the airline.
  • Reimburse employees for out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Review and submit time periodically by reporting period.
  • Integrates with Sage CRM allowing time and expenses to be submitted against cases and projects.

QuickCost Timesheet Manager: allows managers to check whether a user’s timesheet has been entered and posts the Timesheets for billing once they have been approved.

  • Quickly check staff submitted hours.
  • Send an email reminder to staff who haven’t submitted their timesheets.
  • Post timesheets to create financial transactions for billing.

QuickCost Timesheet for Outlook: provides timesheet integration with Outlook allowing users to enter their time and expenses directly from their Outlook calendar.

  • Integrates into the Outlook calendar extending an appointment.
  • Easily track and record time for project meetings.
  • Supports offline mode with Outlook, allowing coding of time and expenses while away from the office.

QuickCost Billing Manager: allows Project Managers and financial staff to manage the billing of projects to clients.

  • Quickly filter Company or Project data you are working with.
  • Customise viewing of data by group and column.
  • Create multiple invoices per customer.
  • Create summary invoices; hiding unnecessary detail.
  • View details of previously issued invoices, including write-off, and credits.
  • Include related disbursements entered into Accpac.
  • Supports service level recurring billing through Accpac.
  • Manage non-productive and non-chargeable time.
  • Write-Off / Write-On amounts line by line or for a group of lines.
  • Supports provisions for reporting on time and expenses that are likely to be written off.

QuickCost Sage ERP Accpac Integration: QuickCost installs as a standard module into Sage ERP Accpac 5.3A or later. These modules allow the configuration of QuickCost and the linking of Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable to QuickCost projects.

  • Setup teams, employees and expense types, including reimbursable expenses to employees or other vendors.
  • Configure general ledger integration by Team allowing divisional accounting and reporting.
  • Allows accounts payable amounts to be coded to a QuickCost project for assigning and billing to clients.
  • Allows the creation of summary invoices for clients in accounts receivable; project costs can then be assigned to these invoices in the QuickCost Billing Manager.

QuickCost Sage CRM Integration: QuickCost integrates with Sage CRM 5.8 and 6.0 allowing the management of QuickCost projects, and creation and assignment of cases for projects.

  • View and track details of QuickCost projects from CRM.
  • Create cases that staff can then record time and expenses against.
  • Run QuickCost reports directly from CRM.

QuickCost Project Manager: Used to setup Projects, Phases and Tasks. It also allows managers to validate, and approve time and expenses entered by staff against projects.

  • With Sage CRM integration QuickCost projects are available in CRM and cases can be created against these that are then available for staff to enter time and expenses against.
  • Quickly filter data to just the company and/or Project you are working with.
  • Customise viewing of data by groupings and visible columns.
  • Setup templates of phase/activities for common projects (e.g. Accpac Support).
  • Create internal and external (billable) projects.
  • Charge time for projects by employee rates or a fixed Project Rate.
  • Edit, approve, un-approve employee time and expenses.
  • Run reports, including custom crystal reports.