Sage CRM – Version 7 is here

accfactYour highest priority is to grow your business, and your business tools should help you achieve that goal. That’s why AccTech Systems offers a complete range of CRM solutions, each designed for a particular set of business needs. Sage CRM Version 7 has just been launched and the new and exciting features offer endless opportunities for CRM customers and non-CRM customers alike.

Currently running CRM… here is why you should upgrade to Version 7

The golden thread that runs across all the new features of Sage CRM can be summarised in one single concept…Business productivity. Sage CRM v.7 delivers on the business productivity goal with a customizable,interactive dashboard; fresh, modern user interface; an Active Directory import that makesit faster to deploy new users; and other many more productivity-enhancing features.

Revolutionise how you manage information

The new interactive dashboard transforms how you manage your business and how youremployees manage their time. The interactive dashboard delivers a rich and personalizeduser experience that boosts productivity and helps drive user adoption across the enterprise eco system.

  1. Interactive_DashboadReports: Display graphs/charts related to your specific role
  2. Interactive Lists: Display customer/sales information allowing full drill down and filtering
  3. Opportunity summary: Displaying full drill-down view from the interactive lists
  4. Calendar: Displaying, add and edit all CRM and Microsoft Outlook appointments
  5. Groups: Provides an overview of record groupings, matching predefined criteria
  6. Notifications: Displays all your tasks and alerts
  7. Shortcuts: Allows quick access to commonly used system functions
  8. Pipeline: Heads-up view of your sales pipeline

Sage CRM Version 7: Benefit Snapshot

  • Delivers relevant information in one place to boost productivity and help drive user adoption across the organization.
  • Enables users to view important content from Web and RSS feeds for a more complete view of customers, accounts, and industry information.
  • Provides customised workspaces for teams and personalised workspaces for individuals, delivering maximum flexibility and usability.
  • Enables users to get up and running quicker through convenient deployment features.
  • Using drag and drop functionality, users can quickly and easily personalize the layout andthe information displayed on the interactive dashboard so it matches the way they work.

Ready to upgrade to Sage CRM v7: Contact our sales division on Tel: 0861-11-1680 or email: to discuss your particular upgrade path.

Not a CRM customer… here are a few things you should know


Did you know that if you are running Sage ERP Accpac and your annual software assurance is up-to-date, you are entitled to one free Sage CRM 100 user license?

What can CRM do for my organisation?

It takes more than great products to drive sales in today’s challenging economic environment. Acquiring and retaining customers is essential for business success, and great customer service is the driving force that differentiates one supplier from another. With Sage CRM, you can unlock the full revenue potential of your current customers and unearth sales opportunities with prospects.

  • Integration into Sage ERP Accpac – The automatic integration will empower your organisation with a more complete view of your ERP data, allowing you to make the most of your current solutions.
  • Sales Division – Shorten sales cycles and close deals faster: SageCRM puts you in complete control of your sales pipeline, allowing your sales team to effectively manage, forecast, and report on all phases of the sales cycle.
  • Marketing – Better track and manage marketing campaigns: With SageCRM, you can target the right customer at the right time, eliminate guesswork, improve campaign management, and put your company’s marketing resources to their best use.
  • Customer Care – Get fast online access to service requests, call and escalation history, interactions, multiple contacts, support cases, email, and documents sent and received.Provide the level of professional service your customers expect with complete and accurate data at your fingertips.