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accfactYour organisation must have the ability to make well-informed decisions faster than ever before to standout from competition and keep your customers loyal. The challenge with static reporting is trying to selectively access the right data from the flood of available information, actually understand what’s happening and take action to improve performance. Business Intelligence (BI) provides powerful analysis and reporting which will transform data into meaningful intelligence… Introducing Sage Accpac Intelligence (SAI).

Now incorporated, free of charge in your Sage ERP Accpac solution, is one free SAI Report Manager licence that will allow you to authorise (organise, create, edit, run) and view reports, as well as having the ability to filter and aggregate data from available data containers. Also included is a set of standard report templates (Financial Reports Pack, Dashboard Analysis, General Ledger Transaction Details, Sales Master, Purchase Master, Inventory Master, Top 5 Customers, Top 5 Products, Top 5 Vendors) in order to streamline your day-to-day financial operations.

This powerful solution helps you to:

  • Transform your data into strategic decision-making intelligence using customizable dashboards, viewable in both text and graphics.
  • Access business-critical information when you need it. Schedule reports and distribute through email for timely delivery to specified recipients.
  • Automate your workflow and eliminate redundant data entry. Simplified reporting through seamless integration with Sage ERP Accpac provides business intelligence in a familiar Excel interface.
  • Quickly identify and respond to trends and abnormalities utilizing multidimensional analysis and what-if scenarios.
  • Succeed in today’s global marketplace using multicurrency and multicompany capabilities.

Sage Accpac Intelligence sets itself apart as a powerful easy-to-use reporting tool.

Incorporated into Sage ERP Accpac, the Intelligence module empowers you to quickly and easily obtain the information required for improved operations and strategic planning. Based on the familiar Microsoft Excel application, the Intelligence module lets you effortlessly create reports and analyse data, improving your visibility into your organisation.

Developed and priced for anyone to use, SAI is:

  • An intelligent, hard-working, and easy-going solution
    Intelligence gives you in-depth business intelligence and a wide-angle view of your organisation, so you can make smart, proactive strategic decisions. It’s hard working give it any reporting process to automate so that you can free up your resources for more analytical, strategic tasks. And it’s easy to use, based on the familiar Microsoft Excel application.
  • One unified solution means one unified team.
    Intelligence even goes beyond your General Ledger reporting needs and provides business intelligence across your entire ERP system including Sage CRM with a Connector module so that up-to-date information is accessible throughout the organisation. Teams can collaborate more effectively, people are more productive, and decision-makers are more proactive.
  • Flexible so you can build it to your specifications.
    Intelligence has flexibility in its DNA. The architecture and licensing is structured to give your organisation the freedom to get the most out of the solution. Complex data joins, different user requirements, and ad hoc custom reports are all no problem.
  • Furthering your ability to get the most out of your ERP solution.
    Customers current on a maintenance or support plan and using the most recent version of Sage ERP Accpac receives a FREE Report Manager License.

Spend more time focusing on strategic analysis and interpretation and less time pulling the data together from static reports.


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