Protect your data and free your IT

accfactA few decades, or even a few years ago, organisations large and small had to make substantial investments into their IT environment in order to support their various business-critical applications. Software needed on-premise hardware and on-premise hardware, apart from being expensive and often complex to manage, often detracted IT staff’s focus away from other business critical projects.

Enter the Cloud…you might have heard of cloud computing, but what exactly does this mean, and how can cloud computing transform your organisation?

Cloud Computing definition:

Simply put, Cloud Computing is a ‘virtual environment’ that allows organisations to deploy, use and customise business applications on a subscription basis. No more upfront software sales and no costly upgrades. You select the application you need, customise it to your needs, and almost immediately you have access to your business critical applications.

Many of the products you already know and trust are now available as a version in the cloud and only Microsoft delivers such a comprehensive set of cloud services and enterprise applications with the reliability, security, and global reach you should expect for your business – so you don’t have to compromise.


Microsoft cloud computing is never an all-or-nothing decision – you can deploy deeply integrated solutions on-premises, in the cloud, or in combination. Cloud computing can help you better manage and reduce your IT costs to adapt to shrinking budgets, at the same time reducing environmental impact and creating more time for IT staff to focus on critical projects.

Industry applications:

Government: Transparency and high-end security measures coexist in the cloud.

Government organizations can improve transparency while addressing administration goals of scalable, interactive citizen portals; collaborate more easily across organizations; deliver volumes of data to citizens in useful ways; maximize focus on mission critical needs while reducing IT costs; and remain confident in a crisis because cloud applications don’t depend on agency servers or onsite staff.

General Business: Grow your business with enterprise-class collaboration and cloud services.

With the right technology in place, you can provide your organization with instant access to data and collaboration tools from almost anywhere. Microsoft cloud services make greater productivity possible with enterprise applications you already know and assets you have today.

With decades of experience serving businesses large and small – now 20 million in the cloud – Microsoft Cloud Services understands the value of technology that is scalable and familiar from day one for you and your employees. We offer the most complete set of cloud-based business solutions and around-the-clock support to ensure we get it right together.

AccTech Systems and Microsoft offers a flexible set of cloud-based IT solutions, including communications, collaboration and data storage services, or a mix of these solutions based on your business needs.

The Cloud: There for IT Professionals, Technical leaders and software developers:

What if you could take advantage of a more robust IT infrastructure, while reducing time spent on day-to-day maintenance? Would that leave more time for strategic IT solutions? We thought so.

That’s why Microsoft cloud services provide you with the capacity you need, when you need it, managed by a global workforce and updated automatically.

Technical Leaders: Microsoft cloud services help you meet the demands of your changing business needs.

It’s always been a challenge to manage resources and deliver IT solutions when business needs are rapidly changing. But Microsoft cloud computing changes all that. With flexible web applications and subscription-based services, you can better manage IT resources and respond with agility, while accurately predicting costs, service levels, and staffing to reduce IT cost.

Developers: Focus on code. Not infrastructure.

Producing quality code should be enough for you to think about – not the limitations of your technology resources. Building applications in the cloud gives you ultimate flexibility and the stable, scalable resources you require. Using languages you already know, you can extend existing applications into the cloud, migrate applications completely to the cloud, or create new Web applications tailored to the cloud environment.