eWorkflow.NET 6.0 is here

accfactWe are proud to announce the release of AccTech eWorkflow.NET version 6.0. With major changes to the previously released version of eWorkflow version 5.3, AccTech eWorkflow.NET 6.0 further enhances organisation’s abilities to monitor and control the procedures associated with the management of Procurement, Stock and Sales.

Not an eWorkflow Customer?

For customers not familiar with the features of eWorkflow, herewith a brief overview of the modules and features:

1. PURCHASING: eWorkflow.NET Purchasing

eWorkflow.NET’s Procurement suite of modules assists in the business procedures pertaining to requisitions, purchasing and receipting of stock and non-stock items. It generates the final approved transaction within your back office financial system.
Click here for an overview of the Purchasing modules and benefits

2. ACCOUNTS PAYABLE MANAGEMENT: AccTech eWorkflow.NET – AP Management

Automation of the Accounts Payable process holds invaluable advantages to any organisation’s procure-to-pay cycle. eWorkflow.NET assists in the improvement of productivity, minimising of per-invoice costs, achievement of fast payment discounts and accelerates the process of payments.
Click here for an overview of the Purchasing modules and benefits

3. STOCK MANAGEMENT: AccTech eWorkflow.NET – Stock Management

The following eWorkflow.NET modules assist in the business procedures of internal allocation of stock items to internal cost centres and the transfer of these stock items between stock locations:
Click here for an overview of the Purchasing modules and benefits

4. BUDGET MAINTENANCE: eWorkflow.NET General Ledger Budget Maintenance:

eWorkflow.NET GL Budget Maintenance assists in the business procedures pertaining to additions or reallocations of GL budgets
Click here for an overview of the Purchasing modules and benefits

Already an eWorkflow customer?

This is how the release of eWorkflow.NET 6.0 will affect you:

In order to fully explain the benefit that our new renewal structure will have on your business, the table below illustrates the comparison of your current eWorkflow modules in relation with our new structural offering. Components due for release Q3 2010are highlighted:

Suite Module Description
eWorkflow 5.3
Module Description
eWorkflow.NET 6.0
Engine Workflow Engine Workflow Engine
Modules Mobile deployment now available
Purchasing Purchase Orders Purchase Orders
Project Orders
Purchase Order Reorder Purchase Order Reorder
Purchase Order Amendment
Receipts & Invoicing Receipts & Invoicing
Vendor Rotation
*PO Credit Notes
AP Management AP Recon AP Recon
AP Payments AP Payments
AP Invoice
AP Contract Management AP Contract Management
Stock Management Internal Sales & Issues Internal Sales & Issues
IC Transfers
Sales Management Sales Order
Credit Notes
GL Management GL Reallocation & Queries GL Reallocation & Queries
Master Data AP Vendor & Bank add & Edit
*General Ledger Accounts
*Accounts Receivable Customers
*Accounts Receivable Customers
*Inventory Control Items
Asset Management Vote Application *Capital Budgeting
*Capital Procurement

*Components due for release Q3 2010

Technology piece of mind

eWorkflow.NET version 6.0 is based on solid Microsoft technologies namely the .NET technology.
The .NET framework allows you to:

  • Apply common skills across a variety of devices, application types, and programming tasks
  • Integrate with other tools and technologies to build the right solution with less work
  • Build compelling applications faster

AccTech eWorkflow has also earned Microsoft International ISV Certification, successfully completing the Microsoft “Platform Test for Independent Software Vendor Solutions” thus ensuring that the solution delivers on customer needs.