Data Visualization

accfactToday’s organisations are faced with an ever-expanding volume of data to which we refer when making decisions. Financial data; operational data; production data; sales data…the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, these datasets are often complex, stored in difficult to interpret tabular or textual formats and it is often not accessible in a context that facilitates insight or broad understanding. Additionally, organisations often lack efficient ways to easily access and explore related sets of data in a unified manner. This makes it more difficult to understand relationships in the data and tap into its value. Effective data visualization is the answer.


Data visualization is the visual representation of data, meaning “information which has been abstracted in some schematic form, including attributes or variables for the units of information”.

Goal of data visualization:

The main goal of data visualization is to communicate information clearly and effectively through graphical means.

Business challenge:

To convey ideas and interpret the data effectively, both aesthetic form and functionality need to go hand in hand during the design and deployment of your data visualization platform. The problem is that designers often fail to achieve a balance between design and function, creating gorgeous data visualizations which fail to serve their main purpose – to communicate information.

The Solution:

Data Visualization by AccTech Systems. AccTech utilises Microsoft technologies to provide a comprehensive set of data visualization capabilities that can enable organisations to enhance their data exploration and analysis. This helps organisations to quickly identify actionable trends in order to increase revenue and reduce expenses without significant training costs or IT expenditure. These technologies include:

  • Microsoft Pivot
  • Microsoft Office Visio
  • Microsoft MapPoint
  • Microsoft Office Excel
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server

While a picture may be worth a thousand words, having the right pieces of data associated with that picture can be invaluable to business managers in making better-informed decisions.Give life to your data by contacting AccTech Systems today to setup a one-on-one engagement.