AccTech eWorkflow.NET – a positive impact on your business

accfactCompanies, government agencies and non-profit enterprises generally use a manual and paper based process to order items; often the same processes created some 20 years ago. The common practice of writing up a Purchase Order or Requisitions on a paper form for signature approval is alive and well!

Even where Sage ERP is in place many organisations still utilise physical order books in triplicate systems to order goods and services. This results in a lengthy ordering process, as well as accountability and cost overrun issues.

With AccTech eWorkflow.NET and a little process revamping, your organisation can spend more time and focus on driving down expenditure and provide a better system to your stakeholders.

Here are the three basic areas where AccTech eWorkflow.NET can positively impact your business:

Contract Compliance:

The lack of reporting capabilities and tools plague many organisations since they cannot funnel their constituents in using their sourcing contracts. Many companies are under pressure to save money and track their expenditure but do not have the tools and process in place to adequately manage this task.

Process Efficiencies:

Moving from Paper to a Procure to Pay (P2P) process and application inherently creates a more efficient set of business rules, procedures and control points. Sometimes the reduction in Requisition to Purchase cycle times can be changed from weeks to days…and even faster in some cases.

Spend Analysis:

Once your organisation is transactional and running, tracking expenditure over time can be done quickly and easily with the proper reporting engine. AccTech eWorkflow.NET will assist to identify spending patterns to manage suppliers. Instituting a practice of on-going reviews of vendor throughput, will allow the purchasing department to go back and negotiate pricing based on the spending data.

In summary, taking your organisation from paper to AccTech eWorkflow.NET will establish contract compliance, reduce Purchase Order turnaround time and allow for a stronger negotiating position with your vendors. Three important items that every business needs to survive.