Track & Maintain your Documents

accfactReduce bad debts, prevent fraud, avoid lost documents and save on printing costs. ACCarchive removes the risks and costs arising from lost documents.

Tracking and maintaining information in today’s fast paced electronic world has become increasingly difficult with more documentation required to be properly indexed and archived for future use. The endless searching of documents is not only counter-productive, but can lead to instances of fraud, lost documents and increased printing costs.

ACCarchive is ideal for creating “Digital Filing Cabinets” of scanned copies of paper documents such as POD’s, customer contracts, HR files, etc. Once indexed according to customer requirements, these paper documents can be easily searched for and viewed on your computer, saving incredible amounts of time.

ACCarchive can be scaled from a small single user to a large enterprise wide system.

Core features include:

  • Search buttons are conveniently made available within Sage ERP Accpac to initiate faster location of documents; and users can search multiple document types at once. Extensive viewing tools allow users can view multiple documents at once.
  • User-defined index and lookup fields, remote scanning capabilities and auto indexing of documents are some of the innovative features within this simple interface.
  • Security is never compromised with enhancements including document encryption, full audit trails on user behavior and Windows authentication for secure access.
  • Multiple document storage locations can be specified per Document Library and this will allow users to split the document library over multiple storage areas for storage and viewing purposes.
  • Distribution of documents effortless with eMail and the ability to save documents stored in the repository to the desktop for re-use.
  • Optional functionality also includes exception reporting, barcode reading, OCR functionality and form recognition.

Benefits of archiving the ACCarchive way:

– ACCarchive improves staff productivity and morale, by giving everyone quick access to the documents they need
– Better customer service
– Quicker collections mean better return on sales
– Manage your accounts payables by tracking the paper associated with your purchases
– ACCarchive helps companies comply with the ECT Act, King II, FICA, Labour Act, Sarbanes Oxley and other regulations concerning the secure archival of documents