Move your business forward with Windows 7

accfactProductivity in today’s business environment is not only measured by output, but also by the steps taken to accomplish the tasks at hand. Windows 7 simplifies everyday tasks. Fewer clicks. Faster searching. Easier browsing. Simpler ways to connect. Windows 7 makes the things you do every day easier to increase your productivity.

Designed to meet the needs of small and mid-size businesses, the Windows 7 operating system delivers a powerful combination of innovation, improved performance, and productivity. At AccTech Systems, we’re ready to help focus on what matters most, your business, by providing you with a solution that:

  • Windows 7Works the way you want. Fast, reliable, and compatible, Windows 7 delivers a solid foundation for running a business in today’s competitive environment.
  • Helps you get more done. Find what you need quickly, easily connect to your networks, and be more productive whether you’re at work, at home, or on the road.
  • Safeguards your work. Keep your business up and running with new security and recovery options that help prevent security threats and data loss.

Improved taskbar and full-screen previews

The taskbar at the bottom of your screen is what you use to launch programs and switch between them when they’re open. In Windows 7 you can pin any program to the taskbar so it’s always just a click away, and you can rearrange the icons on the taskbar just by clicking and dragging.

Jump Lists

The jump list a handy way to quickly reach the files you’ve been working with. For instance, simply right-clicking on the Word icon will show your most recent Word documents.


It’s now easier than ever to compare two open windows with Snaps. You don’t need to manually resize your open windows to compare – simply grab a window and pull it to either side edge of the screen to fill half the screen.

Windows Search

Looking for something on your PC? What’s your first instinct? If you use the web a lot, you probably start by looking around for a search box. Now, you can find things on your computer the same way. Windows Search helps you find virtually anything on your PC quickly and easily. Not only can you search your PC, but also content from connected networks, the Internet or even inside a document.


HomeGroup is the effective easy way to share files, data and even printers. You can specify exactly what you want to share from each PC with all the PCs in the HomeGroup. Then, sharing files across the various PCs in your group is as easy as if all your data were on a single hard drive.

View Available Network (VAN)

Windows 7 makes viewing and connecting to all of your networks simple and consistent. You’ll always have one-click access to available networks, regardless of whether those networks are based on Wi-Fi, Mobile Broadband, Dial-up, or your corporate VPN.