Give your data a voice

accfactTo stay competitive in the modern economy, you need to deliver information to the right people at the right time in order to create a highly responsive, proactive, customer-facing organisation.

Sage ERP Alerts & Alerts Server enhances communications from your company’s back office, front-office, and e-commerce systems by monitoring data fields for a specified activity. The program automatically communicates specified activities to appropriate customers, employees, or business partners. For you, that means automated processes that reduce delivery cycle time and accelerate revenue. For your customers, that means doing business with a company they can count on for efficient, reliable, and attentive service.

With the Alerts Library, you can:

  • Set up and monitor date- and time-sensitive events.
  • Check status of data, such as credit holds, inventory thresholds, sales ratios, urgency levels, and priority client transactions.
  • Merge data into e-mail messages.
  • Pass data, files, and messages to the next person in the pipeline.

Free Sage Accpac Alerts (5.4 Service Pack 2 or above).

You get five free Sage Accpac Alerts with the “lite” version of the Alerts Server included with Sage Accpac System Manager. They are:

  • New Customer Welcome
  • GL Account Balance Exceeds Budgeted Amount
  • Open Order Amount Exceeds ‘N’ Amount
  • Past Due Receivables Over ‘N’ Amount
  • AP Checks Over ‘N’ Amount

Additional Sage Accpac Alerts

With the purchase of the full Alerts Server, a Sage Options product, clients will receive 20 additional alerts, plus the ability to customise or create additional alerts. The additional alerts include:

  • AP Invoices ‘N’ Days Past Due
  • Customers With No Activity in the Last ‘N’ Days
  • Invoices Past Due by ‘N’ Days
  • Job Approaching Estimated Cost
  • Low Inventory Notification
  • Orders Not Shipped by Expected Ship Date
  • PO Greater than ZAR’N’
  • Plus 13 additional alerts
  • Alerts provide a voice to the data that is locked away in corporate database applications!

Why you should use Alerts Server

  • “No programming required” approach automates business processes across the enterprise.
  • Keep employees and business partners informed for better decision-making.
  • Improve customer service and retention.
  • Provide 24/7 response to changing business conditions.
  • Customisable, off-the-shelf package that is easy to implement and easy to modify as your business requirements grow and change.
  • Automated processes reduce delivery cycle time and accelerate revenue.
  • Existing alerts can be modified and new ones can be created.