Add more value to your Cashbook

accfactOver the past 25 years, Sage Accpac Third party product Peresoft Cashbook has been established as the de facto Cash Management solution for Sage ERP Accpac internationally. Over 90% of AccTech’s customer base utilise the functionalities of Peresoft Cashbook, but in this edition of ACCfact, we would like to draw your attention to two additional products from the Peresoft stable.

RecXpressThe fastest way to reconcile your bank account

What has always taken the longest period of time to perform? The Cashbook reconciliation, although extremely versatile, can still take many hours to balance. By enhancing the import reconciliation function already in Cashbook an automatic match of up to 99% can be obtained using RecXpress.

Get predefined formats for most major banks in your country. Check out the latest list of bank imports available. This list is increasing all the time as more and more banks take advantage of this new feature and make their interface formats available to Peresoft.

RecXpressThe effective, efficient and fast electronic funds transfer program

EFTXpress enables Cashbook users to select EFT as a Cashbook batch type. During posting of the EFT batch an EFT file is generated in the specific format your bank requires to process the EFT payments. Once your bank has processed the EFT payments, EFTXpress imports the Reference Numbers generated by your bank. EFTXpress will match these payment entries to the EFT transactions in the Cashbook and update the Reference Numbers in the Cashbook Bank Reconciliation to facilitate reconciliation to your bank statement.

The list of bank formats available for EFTXpress is increasing all the time as more and more users provide Peresoft with their EFT bank formats to take advantage of the new EFT functionality. Consult the Bank Formats Available for EFTXpress list to see which bank formats are available.