Perfect Procurement

accfactDear valued customer,

As business processes are becoming increasingly complex, maintaining control and efficiency of these tasks is proving more difficult. Closing the gap between budget and actuals can be complex, particularly where non-conformance issues, hidden costs, late deliveries, stock-outs and purchase price variance take control of your time and resources!

Automation & Control

The AccTech eWorkflow Procurement solution automates the procurement process by electronically forwarding requisitions for approval while testing the process against various budget and authorisation rules. This easy to configure and user-friendly application provides adequate business control and audit of the entire procurement process. The Internal Issues module caters for authorisation of orders raised by for internal consumption with expense assigned to an internal cost centre or staff member.

Budgets, commitments and actual expenditure is visible to the Authorisers. Manual intervention, “misplaced” work, delays and mountains of paperwork are eliminated that improves operational efficiency and bridges the gap between back office and operational aspects of the business. Business policies and rules can now be monitored for compliance as documents pass from one participant to the next for approval and ultimately filed in the document repository. As a role-based system it can easily adapt to changes within the environment as business requirements change. Record level security is applied to these roles, allowing users to only to see information relevant to their department or function within the organisation.

AccTech eWorkflow determines the true total cost of ownership of supply relationships, products, and entire supply chains. It allows you to address direct and hidden costs and other non-conformance issues. By addressing these issues, AccTech eWorkflow allows you to have a greater return on your investment and better control over internal processes.