Issue Internal Stock

accfactDear valued customer,

Managing and controlling Internal Stock movements is a vital aspect of cost control of any business. Adequate stock levels must be held and the cost of consumables must be accurately allocated to the correct cost centres.

Correct levels of consumable stock items must be maintained in order to keep the productivity of the business at a premium. Most systems do not allow for authorised, automatic issuing of consumable stock. Mostly the accounting processes involved are manual and complex in nature resulting in the utilisation of unnecessary specialised resources.

There is an efficient answer. AccTech Internal Requisition module automates and manages the issue of internal consumable stock. It eliminates or reduces the excessive costs of time and resources and will dramatically improve business control.

AccTech Internal Requisitions is easy to operate and quick to implement and is will fully integrate with your Sage ERP Accpac system.

Features of AccTech Internal Requisitions:

  • Developed in the Accpac SDK
  • Inventory Control is updated immediately
  • Costs are posted directly to the correct General Ledger Account
  • Integrates with AccTech eWorkflow
  • Facilitates a ‘Back Order’ functionality
  • Authority for orders assigned per item per cost centre
  • Costs can be expended and recorded to the 10th segment level
  • Extensive data analysis and reporting at cost centre level