BI the way you want it

accfactDear valued customer,

Alchemex for Accpac is a software solution offering Excel based Business Intelligence for Sage ERP Accpac users. Alchemex delivers Business intelligence that interacts with your Accpac system, providing a low-cost integration into existing IT infrastructure whilest extending and strengthening its functionality. It ships with auto-connectors and report packs for Sage ERP Accpac versions 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, and database types MS SQL, Pervasive and Oracle. The report packs include management dashboards, Management account packs, Sales Master, Purchase Master and Inventory Master.

Various modules present the following benefits to organisations:

  • Administrator Module
    This is a gateway to data, offering connectivity to multiple sources at any time. It is generally installed on the server and holds all the rules relating to how you will extract data.
  • Report Manager Module
    This is the authoring tool used to house and write reports. It is generally installed on the server and is a central repository for an organisations reports.
  • Security Module
    Controls access to sensitive information restricting certain users to certain reports.
  • Web Module
    Provides world-wide secure access to an organisations reports through a standard web browser. An excellent platform to share information with partners, suppliers and customers.
  • OLAP Module
    Designed for high speed analysis of transactional data. Ideal for environments with large data volumes.

Companies that implement Alchemex for Accpac experience major efficiencies in the way information is:

  • Prepared through automation
  • Distributed through Excel (familiar environment)
  • Trusted (no manual intervention)