AccTech Developments

accfactDear valued customer,

Through our extensive range of installations, we’ve identified certain generic requirements not inherent to Sage ERP Accpac. AccTech has taken these requirements and developed the following Accpac add-on modules:

Audit Trails

The worldwide move by governments and businesses alike to comply with good corporate governance is resulting in these organizations re-visiting security of those organizations most important asset… Information!

Organizations want sophisticated, yet easy-to-use tools on their financial and operational systems to get adherence to approved business practices. Audit Trails for Sage ERP Accpac is the answer.


  • Monitors Addition, Modification and Deletion events on data structures of Sage ERP Accpac core and Sage ERP Accpac supplementary modules
  • Avoid analysis paralysis. Monitor events selectively. Avoid unnecessary tracing that is both verbose and resource intensive.
  • Optionally use pre-defined “Sage ERP Accpac-aware” templates that allow optimal monitoring of Sage ERP Accpac data structures. Additional templates are available for Sage ERP Accpac Companion Products e.g. Cashbook, EFT etc.
  • Monitor change events on master-file and posted document datasets that are also “Sage ERP Accpac-aware”
  • Report on authorised or unauthorised events.
  • Simple standard reports.
  • Custom exception reports may be created
  • Inherently uses encryption and provides security of all audit trial trace information separately.
  • Caters for any Microsoft SQL Server database management systems.
  • Compatible wit MSSQL 2000 and 2005

AccTech GL Recon

AccTech GL Recon facilitates the reconciliation of General Ledger accounts. According to the selection criteria this program will automatically reconcile debit and credit entries.

Debit Clearing

AccTech Debit Clearing automates the creation of an AR receipt batch and debit order file in the correct format for each bank. This module eliminates the time consuming process of allocating, applying and recapturing of receipt transactions.