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Data Back Up Management Solution

In light of the renewed focus on security and disaster recovery, IT professionals need to re-look data protection policies and tools currently protecting company assets. Comprehensively backing up and managing business-critical information, particularly the growing amount stored on distributed desktop, remote and laptop computers, represents one of the greatest components of this challenge; and there are few administrators who can confidently claim to have this data effectively under control.

The financial impact of information loss is high. It is costly to recreate lost data and there are significant related costs such as lost productivity and lost opportunity. Contracts, spreadsheets, proposals, minutes, contact lists, agreements are all crucial to the day-to-day business cycle, and downtime or complete loss of data due to failure, theft or error can spell disaster. The fact is that most storage management systems fail to comprehensively protect mission critical business information.

ACCsafe Data Back Up Management Solution, powered by Attix5, offers a real solution to the problem – a scalable, automated and secure solution that intelligently gathers critical data from fixed and remote desktops and laptops throughout the organisation. ACCsafe minimises data transfer and maximises security, allowing data to be backed up from remote laptops even across a dial-up connection. Pre-deployment administrator settings enable existing backup policies to be hard-coded into the client application, ensuring maximum user compliance.

Recovery is just as easy, either via an intuitive explorer-type interface on the device itself, or from any internet enabled device via a secure browser interface including handheld devices and mobile phones.

What makes ACCsafe such a trusted solution?


The transfer and storage of critical information poses several problems for organisations, and data privacy is high on the list. Backup Professional makes use of the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol standard for secure data transmission (1024 bit RSA key exchange, 128 bit RC4 stream cipher and SHA-1 integrity checking). Data is stored using 448-bit Blowfish encryption in CBC mode. Encryption keys are not stored with the data and globally recognised techniques are applied to ensure the integrity and security of all data protected with Backup Professional.


Sophisticated scheduling and advanced data filtering are well and good but the most important feature of any backup system is its ability to get the data through. Backup Professional was designed from the ground up to ensure that users comply with policy. A robust JAVA client works transparently on the user device in accordance with administrator enforced settings, making use of intuitive error trapping and fault recovery techniques to ensure that data is comprehensively protected. Similarly, Attix5 employs audited best practice development and quality management methodologies to produce only best-of-breed products.


The amount of critical data generated and stored by organisations is growing rapidly. Any solution intended to protect this data must be able to scale in line with this growth. Attix5 makes use of multiple data servers controlled by a central registry to scale seamlessly to hundreds of thousands of users. It is a true enterprise solution, able to span continents, as well as accommodate complex network infrastructures and firewalls.

Central Administration

Total cost of ownership is largely influenced by the administration and management overheads. The Attix5 Backup Server Console allows a single resource to configure, deploy, monitor and administer a large, geographically dispersed installation. Remote deployment and configuration, coupled to centralised monitoring and troubleshooting, removes the necessity for on-site support. This includes remote desktop and mobile laptop users.


According to research, almost half of corporate data is generated and stored outside the enterprise on a variety of devices that include laptops, notebooks, PDAs, even mobile phones and home desktop computers.

The workforce has never been more mobile than it is today. There has never been more data generated and stored on remote devices. And with this so-called ‘orphan’ data comes higher and higher risk of that data being lost. Add this to the common data loss that results from human error, disk failure, hardware failure, software malfunction, viruses, theft, even natural disaster, and you have a lot of missed deadlines and more importantly, lost revenue.


Attix5 Server Edition is the first solution to provide continuous automated online backup, off-site storage, and rapid recovery of critical server data.

Server Edition provides reliable and secure offsite backups for mid sized companies as well as distributed offices of larger enterprises.

No more tapes to purchase, change, transport, catalogue, and store. By eliminating the costs and data loss risks inherent in manual backup procedures, IT personnel can now focus on more strategic business initiatives.

ACCsafe Powered by ATTIX 5:

  • Is completely automatic, so your staff need never remember to backup their data.
  • Makes use of intelligent file selection, so important files are automatically protected.
  • Reduces bandwidth utilisation by up to 98%.
  • Has a built-in version control, which allows documents to be restored in the state in which they were saved.
  • Ensures instant file recovery and availability of data without having to search through tapes.
  • Allows remote searching for lost files months after they were deleted.
  • Guarantees complete confidentiality by ensuring that all data is transmitted and resides in an industry leading encrypted format, safe from prying eyes.

Always online backup:

After the initial backup, Backup Professional Server Edition backs up your critical data using our patented technology that copies only the bytes that have changed in your files and databases, using incremental patching. As a result, your backup is always up to date, and this highly efficient process minimises both local and remote server bandwidth utilisation.

Backup Professional Server Edition safely and securely backs up open files and databases like Microsoft Exchange and SQL, Oracle, Sybase, GroupWise, and Lotus Domino.

ACCsafe Data Back Up Management Solution:


  • Includes a network activity monitor that allows remote users to back up automatically on connection.
  • Allows file exclusion at administrator level to effectively enforce your corporate backup policies.
  • Through a remote storage facility, keeps backups offsite in case of disaster.
  • Allows you to securely access files remotely using WebAccess from any Internet browser.
  • Scales seamlessly from 1 to 100 000 users.
  • Supports Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS) and Outlook PST files.
  • Supports Microsoft 2000, XP and Vista, as well as Mac OS X (from Panther/10.3)


The Backup Professional Storage Platform lets you manage and monitor your entire backup and storage process, including the ability to remotely manage any Server Edition in your environment. While Backup Professional Server Edition automates all back-end functions, you retain complete control of your backup operation by creating business rules and backup policies, checking status, and initiating restore requests.

Backup Professional retrieval technology permits you to select restore operations from a catalogue of all archived file versions. In the event of massive failure, Attix5 can deliver your data physically to you on-site via a removable storage device.

Time and money saving:

  • Allows for remote control from any Internet browser using SE Remote Management
  • No purchasing and replacing of tapes
  • Remote users can do their own install, setup, backup, and retrieval, thus reducing HO support
  • Single mailbox recovery