Connect your CRM to your back-office systems using Scribe Online



Is your CRM working to its full potential?

Your cloud-based CRM system has the power to drive your customer-facing processes, wherever and whenever your employees need it. But CRM can only have limited effectiveness when operating in isolation. Manual recapture of data, disparate databases and poorly synchronized data can hamper any attempts to use CRM to its full potential.

Make your CRM work harder – integrate!

Connecting your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to your billing, ERP, quoting and stock systems can have many benefits:

  • Enable your staff to access the 360 degree view of their customers when they want, no matter where they are
  • Remove paperwork and manual recapture by automating data flows between your front-office and back-office systems
  • Use the power of CRM’s workflow and task management to drive internal processes spread across multiple systems
  • Allow your clients and partners to safely and securely access their financial information via CRM’s secure online portal
  • Use your operational data to enable marketers to segment and target your customers based on any metric they wish, including financial and operational information
  • Combine financial and operational data with sales & customer service information for trend analysis across your entire business


How can I do this?

However, many cloud-based CRM and ERP systems offer limited out-of-the-box integration capabilities. Using a cloud-based integration tool such as Scribe Online allows you to quickly, cheaply and efficiently connect your cloud-based system together using an easy-to-maintain drag-and-drop methodology. There are no upfront costs (just a monthly fee), it uses a variety of industry-standard integration methods and its interface allows for rapid deployment and easy maintenance. Scribe Online has the data integration services you need to integrate, migrate, or replicate data no matter where it’s located.


Not already in the cloud?

For those not currently working in the cloud, Scribe Online removes one of the key barriers in cloud deployments – being able to connect your disparate systems together. Speak to AccTech Systems about how to move your CRM and any other business tools into the cloud and discover the benefits of becoming a fully cloud-based organisation!