3rd Party Solutions

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AdvManufactAdvanced Manufacturing for Sage 200 Evolution

A cost effective solution for improved manufacturing resource planning


BusAnalyticsBusiness Analytics for Sage 200 Evolution

Sales, Inventory and Supply Chain Monitoring

We have leveraged our deep industry expertise within Retail, Wholesale and Distribution environments and combined it with standard, industry specific KPIs and metrics for sales, inventory and supply chain management. Quick-start the analysis process with relevant measures for your business – delivered quickly and affordably. Enjoy quick time to value by understanding business performance against standard industry KPIs and pre-built metrics. The improved visibility as a result of user-friendly dashboards allows users to answer real business questions with the ability to justify corrective action. The QuickCubes have been pre-built for Sage 200 Evolution to enhance its features beyond the traditional ERP space.

Financial Budgeting and Reporting

This solution relieves Finance from the mechanics of the reporting and budgeting process in order to spend more time on adding valuable insight for business units and stakeholders. Mitigate the risk of long implementation projects by deploying the proven solution prebuilt for Sage 200 Evolution in a fraction of the time or cost required by traditional implementation methods. Allow financial managers and controllers to manage and maintain the group reporting structures and have a single reporting data source and structure. This forms the platform to allow for automated budgeting, forecasting, scenario analysis and dashboards. Excel based front end allows for quick learning and adoption of the solution.

WarehouseMgmtAdvanced Warehouse Management for Sage 200 Evolution

Real-time visibility of warehouse operations enabling you to proactively identify and respond to issues and make informed decisions.


Branch-AccountingBusiness Process Management for Sage 200 Evolution

Build the business rules that underlie your best practice processes, and focus on integrating systems and people through automated processes and technology.


Job-CostingAdvanced Job costing for Sage 200 Evolution

With accurate and consistent quotation and job management, Job-SYS will help you to maximise your business’s productivity and realise your revenue potential.


jobPROJob Production Management for Sage 200 Evolution

jobPRO is a flexible, scalable and intelligent production planning and control system offering advanced functionality and value in the key areas of manufacturing and assembly.


BusAnalyticseQura for Sage 200 Evolution

Analysis. Anywhere. Anytime. An agile reporting and analysis solution with highly interactive dashboards, a user-friendly mobile and web interface and self-service analytics.